The implementation of E-Government/E-Government by country/Ukraine/Unified State Web Portal of Judicial Power

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Web-portal of Judicial Power
Multilanguage - Ukrainian
Mobile versionNo
Social NetworksNo
Official website:

The official web portal provides information and services in the following sections:

  • Judicial branch;
  • Press center;
  • Court cases;
  • Registries and systems;
  • Citizens;
  • Other;
  • Court search;
  • Court fee;
  • Meeting schedule;
  • The state of the court case;
  • Register of court decisions.

E-services[edit | edit source]

Web portal of Justice of Ukraine contains services and registers provided by the Judiciary of Ukraine:

  • The unified state register of court decisions;
  • European Court Decision;
  • Disclosure of bankruptcy cases;
  • Automated system for determining arbitration managers;
  • Information on persons who committed corruption offenses;
  • The unified register of lawyers of Ukraine;
  • The unified database of addresses, fax numbers (telefaxes) of the authorities;
  • Unified Sign in to the e-mail mailbox;
  • Unified Professional network "Themis";
  • Unified Video conferencing;
  • Online services of E-Court:
    • Online court fees;
    • Information on the stages of court proceedings;
    • The unified state register of court decisions;
    • Disclosure of Bankruptcy Information;
    • Sending procedural documents by e-mail to trial participants;
    • Sending a summons in the form of SMS.

Open Data[edit | edit source]

Access to an electronic court is open to all users.

The portal of the judicial authority of Ukraine contains many open data sets by the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine.

Any person can freely copy, publish, distribute, use, in particular for commercial purposes, in combination with other information or by including in the composition of their own product open data with a mandatory reference to the source of their receipt.

The user can use the quick search by typing:

  • open data manager;
  • update date (date range);
  • the name of the open data.