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Web-portal of State Financial Monitoring Service
Multilanguage Flag of Ukraine.svg - Ukrainian,
Flag of the United States.svg - English,
Flag of Russia.svg - Russian
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Official website:

The web portal of the State Financial Monitoring Service provides information in the following sections:

  • Pro service;
  • Legal framework;
  • International standards;
  • The international cooperation;
  • Inter-agency cooperation;
  • Organization of financial monitoring;
  • Informational interaction;
  • Countering terrorism;
  • Typologies;
  • Answers, questions;
  • Public relations;
  • Responsive criticism;
  • Access to public information;
  • Jobs, public service;
  • Government procurement;
  • Preventing corruption;
  • Subordinate enterprises and institutions;
  • Training;
  • Statistics;
  • National risk assessment;
  • Archive of events;
  • Useful links;
  • Open data;
  • Report corruption.

Open Data[edit | edit source]

The State Financial Monitoring Service provides the following in the form of open data:

  • a list of persons associated with the commission of terrorist activities, or which are subject to international sanctions;
  • a directory of enterprises, institutions and organizations that are within the scope of the SFM management, including their telephones and addresses;
  • information about the organizational structure;
  • a report on the use of budget funds, including for individual budget programs;
  • reports, including information requests;
  • annual purchase plans;
  • information about the system of information accounting;
  • types of information;
  • a register (list) of sets of open data;
  • administrative data;
  • legal acts that are subject to promulgation in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Access to Public Information";
  • Financial Statement of the State Enterprise "Operations and Property Management", which belongs to the sphere of management of the State financial monitoring.

Open data sets are periodically updated and available to any user without registration on a web resource.