The implementation of E-Government/E-Government by country/Ukraine/State center for cyber defense and countering cyber threats

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Online-application for
localization of cyber threats
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The safe functioning of the Internet space in Ukraine, its use in the interests of the individual, society and the state are provided for by the Law of Ukraine "On the basic principles of ensuring cybersecurity of Ukraine."

CERT-UA works to prevent cyberthreats, as well as their immediate localization, conducts reconnaissance in the network to search for threats and identifies viruses.

E-services[edit | edit source]

Any Internet user residing in Ukraine can report an incident involving a threat from the Internet. To do this you need:

  • go to the official site of the State Center for Cyber ​​Defense and Counteraction to Cyber ​​Threats of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine;
  • Fill in the online form "Report an incident."

If the user does not have the opportunity to go to the official site, he can also report the problem by writing to E-mail address: or by calling: +380442818825; +380444893133.