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State Treasury of Ukraine
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The State Treasury Service of Ukraine implements the state policy in the field of treasury services of budgetary funds.

It is a member of the electronic payment system of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

E-services[edit | edit source]

The State Treasury Service of Ukraine (STSU) provides the following electronic opportunities for citizens:

  • Possibility for users to submit electronic reports in the E-reporting system. To use this feature, key authorization is required, as well as specialized software. Instructions for using the system are listed on to the main login page of the "E-reporting system";
  • Possibility of obtaining services related to EDS - Accredited Key Certification Center, namely:
    • registration of subscribers;
    • maintenance of strengthened subscribers key certificates, which includes certification of subscribers' public keys, distribution and storage of enhanced key certificates, distribution of information on the status of key certificates;
    • provision of time fixation services;
    • consulting services for contacting subscribers;
  • the system of remote servicing "Treasury Client - Treasury" - a service for receiving free services from the STSU;
  • Electronic Cabinet - authorization is required on the site of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine;
  • Software for managers and recipients of budget funds - software datasets for working with the STSU;
  • Technical support.

Open Data[edit | edit source]

The State Treasury Service of Ukraine provides in the form of open data:

  • regulatory documents on access to public information;
  • accounting, types of information, which is administered by the State Treasury of Ukraine;
  • reports on receipt of requests for public information;
  • forms of requests for public information.