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Web-portal of the Pension Fund
Multilanguage - Ukrainian
Mobile versionNo
Social NetworksFacebook, Youtube
Official website:

The web portal of the Pension Fund of Ukraine provides information and services in the following sections:

  • Contacts;
  • Instructions;
  • Announcements;
  • News;
  • Information and activities;
  • Communications;
  • Services;
  • E-services portal;
  • Report corruption;
  • Pension calculator.

To use the services of the web portal of the Ukrainian Pension Fund registration is required. It is carried out in two ways:

  • by submitting an application for registration on the web portal - a personal visit to the nearest branch of the Ukrainian pension fund;
  • by online registration using an electronic digital signature (EDS) - an EDS key (can be on any electronic media or electronic pension certificate).


[edit | edit source]

Web portal of Pension Fund of Ukraine contains services that state body of Ukraine provide:

  • SMS-service - with the help of SMS-messages, the Pension Fund will inform pensioners about the appointment and recalculation of pensions. Employees - to pay for them a single social contribution and the size of their insurance record;
  • Data from the register of insured persons;
  • Electronic pension affair;
  • All your appeals to Pension Fund of Ukraine;
  • Recording on reception;
  • Application for pension appointment;
  • Application for recalculation of pension;
  • Complaint;
  • Request for preparation of paper documents;
  • Request for electronic documents.