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Web portal of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market
Multilanguage - Ukrainian,
- English
Mobile versionNo
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Social NetworksFacebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube
Official website:

The web portal of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market (NCSSM) provides information on open data and services and other data on the following main sections:

  • Sheets;
  • About the commission;
  • Activity;
  • Registries;
  • Documents;
  • For market participants.

Open Data[edit | edit source]

The public information database of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission on the securities market - is an information resource in which the Authorized Person places information received from the Disclosure entities that are required to disclose information in accordance with the regulations of the National Securities Commission of Ukraine and the current legislation of Ukraine.

As part of increasing the transparency of the capital market and ensuring maximum access to public information, the following registries operate on the National Securities and Stock Market Commission website:

  • Securities issues;
  • Professional market participants;
  • Certified persons:
    • Training of specialists;
    • Certification of specialists;
    • Register of specialists;
    • Register of Certified Persons;
  • Financial institutions;
  • Auditors;
  • Rating agencies;
  • Law enforcement:
    • Law enforcement;
    • Register of cases;
    • Case statistics;
  • Inspections of subjects of financial monitoring:
    • General Information;
    • Schedule of inspections of subjects of primary financial monitoring;
    • Guidelines;
    • International institutions and documents;
    • Typologies international organizations to combat money laundering;
    • Countering Terrorism Financing;
  • Issuers with signs of fictitiousness;
  • Missing by location;
  • Changes to the depository record system;
  • Stop trading securities on the stock exchanges;
  • Prohibition of trading in securities.