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Web portal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Multilanguage - Ukrainian,
- Russian,
- English
Mobile versionAndroid-application,
Social NetworksNo
Official website:
Open data:

The web portal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) is divided into 6 bodies of the MIA, which provide their services:

  • National Police of Ukraine;
  • State Border Guard Service of Ukraine;
  • State Emergency Service;
  • National Guard of Ukraine;
  • State Migration Service of Ukraine;
  • The main service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

E-services[edit | edit source]

The official web portal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs provides the "Electronic adviser" service.

The Electronic Advisor contains legal information on how to behave with the police in different life situations, how to prevent or resolve conflicts with it. In addition, it gathers contact organizations which can advise or provide legal assistance if the person was in a difficult situation, as well as phone numbers and addresses of the territorial police stations.

Interactive Service Search[edit | edit source]

On the main page of the web portal is an interactive search. By selecting one of the search categories, the user instantly switches to the required online service:

  • Receive:
    • Regulations;
    • Registration of ID-card;
    • Online service about the first auto registration;
    • Registration and re-registration of the vehicle (TS);
    • Obtain driver's license: replacement and restoration;
    • Paste photos in the passport to achieve 25 and 45 years;
    • Get a passport to travel abroad;
    • Check what documents are needed for traveling abroad to the vehicle;
    • Transliteration check;
    • Migration Calculator;
    • International driver's license;
    • Online order and verification of readiness status of a criminal record;
    • The procedure for obtaining the status of a combatant (UBD);
    • Verification of the legitimacy of a certificate of good conduct;
    • Checking the validity of permits for the transport of dangerous goods, oversized vehicles or vehicles exceeding the permissible load loads;
    • Payment of fines for traffic offenses (online payment);
    • Jobs of the national police;
    • Information about the vehicles that are wanted;
    • Interactive map of the borders of Ukraine;
  • Pay:
    • Paid services of the State Emergency Service (SES);
    • Pay a fine for violation of traffic rules. Requisites;
    • Payment for security services;
    • Payment for the services of the permitting system;
    • Pay for services for permissive details;
    • Service check the status of payment of the transfer;
  • Submit:
    • Informational form of the candidate for military service under the contract;
    • Notify about corruption in the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
    • Write an appeal to SES;
    • Write an appeal to the State Border Service of Ukraine (SBSU);
    • Write to the police;
    • Notify about corruption in the national police (NPU);
    • Notify about corruption in the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU);
  • Sign up:
    • In the electronic queue for registration of biometric documents;
    • For trial testing of traffic regulations;
    • Make a request for support (patrol police).

Open Data[edit | edit source]

The "Find" section on the main page of the web portal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is designed to search for:

  • Missing citizens;
  • Unidentified dead bodies;
  • Weapons in search;
  • Persons who can not provide statements of themselves as a result of illness or minor age;
  • Cultural values;
  • Surveillance cameras at checkpoints with neighboring states;
  • Passports of a citizen of Ukraine among the stolen or lost;
  • Check on the basis of invalid passports;
  • Check the status of registration of the passport;
  • List of check points;
  • Base of the search for mobile phones;
  • Search for persons hiding from the authorities.

This search resource is a copy of the official database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and is updated periodically.