The implementation of E-Government/E-Government by country/Ukraine/A national electronic healthcare system

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Web-portal of a National electronic healthcare system
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Official website:

The web portal of electronic health system E-Health is a system that helps patients to receive, and doctors - to provide quality medical services. And also, it allows you to control how effectively public funds allocated for health care are spent and prevent abuse.

E-services[edit | edit source]

The web portal of the National Electronic Healthcare System provides its services to the following categories of users:

  • Head of medical institution. To register in the system user need:
    • electronic digital signature (EDS);
    • e-mail address;
    • documents of the institution;
    • passport;
    • tax number;
  • Doctor of the first link:
    • EDS of the employee of the medical institution;
    • e-mail address;
    • patient documents;
  • Authorized person:
    • EDS of the employee of the medical institution;
    • e-mail address;
    • patient documents;
  • a patient:
    • mobile phone;
    • tax number;
    • proof of identity.

In the future, the Е-Health system will enable everyone to quickly get their medical information, and doctors - correctly diagnose taking into account the whole picture of the patient's health. There will no longer be a need for paper medical records and printed references that are lost and forgotten. Doctors will write out electronic prescriptions that can not be lost or faked. The system will contain the entire medical history of the patient, and it will be available to both the patient and his doctors.