The implementation of E-Government/E-Government by country/Thailand/Unified state web portal of electronic government

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Web portal of E-Government
Multilanguage - Thai
Mobile version No
RSS RSS-feeds
Subscription No
Account Registration is needed
Search Yes
Social Networks Facebook, Twitter
Official website:

The E-Government Portal offers one-stop e-Services center which can be accessed through SMS and Web Portal, etc. The system also serves as an efficient tool for the government to communicate with various government agencies, the business sector and the general public.

Citizens could have easy access to significant information and services, they will enjoy having greater convenience, more opportunity for career advancement, enhance self development and promote public participation in government’s activities.

E-services[edit | edit source]

The government-based e-services are developed in the Unified sign-in form, totaling 38 systems. Apparently, some of the most remarkable systems have been designed to empower significant progress, for instance, database management, rehabilitation for victims of unrest in southern border provinces, sub-district data administration, provincial welfare database, Internet-based inquiry services, medical rehabilitation services initiated by Sirindhorn National Medical Rehabilitation Institute (SNMRI), and donation allocation and management for needy people.

E-government-service are divided into 24 categories:

  • The welfare of the government;
  • Business investments;
  • Consumer Protection;
  • Tender and form;
  • Law and safety;
  • Environment, resources and agriculture;
  • State property and auctions;
  • Food and Drug Administration;
  • Culture and Sports;
  • Immigration and visas;
  • Education and welfare;
  • Employment and well-being;
  • Families, communities and residences;
  • Passport and travel;
  • Public service;
  • Apply for a certificate of authenticity;
  • Elections;
  • Business investments;
  • Taxes and finances;
  • Transport and Transportation;
  • Social security and protection of employees;
  • Public utility;
  • Services for people with disabilities;
  • Other services.

G-News – is a newly developed application providing information on government services that can be obtained directly by the general public. The application can provide individual message alerts on specific transactions, such as notifications of tax payment or public utility payments. People are also allowed to search for their required information or specific locations where they want to visit.