The implementation of E-Government/E-Government by country/Thailand/The Stock Exchange

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The Stock Exchange web portal
Multilanguage - English, - Thai
Mobile versionNo
AccountRegistration is needed
Social NetworksFacebook, Twitter, Youtube
Official website:

The web portal of Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) displays all the information in the following sections:

  • About the SET;
  • Rules/Regulations;
  • Market data;
  • Companies/Securities Information;
  • Related persons;
  • News.

E-services[edit | edit source]

The SET provides e-services:

  • Information services:
    • Service Detail;
    • Subscription;
    • Data Vendors;
    • SET Market Data Usage Policy;
  • Listing services:
    • Listing on SET;
    • Bond Listing;
  • Institutional services:
    • Trading Channel for Institutional Investors;
    • Direct Market Access (DMA);
    • Program Trading;
    • Co-location service. The Stock Exchange of Thailand provides co-location services for the installation of servers at the SET Data Center (Primary Site). Services support trading orders and pricing data for the equities market (SET) and the derivatives market (TFEX). Co-location allows for fast, reliable data transfer within the SET Data center itself, and this immediate proximity provides rapid order placement and data transfer for participating clients.