The implementation of E-Government/E-Government by country/Thailand/Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs web portal
Multilanguage - English, - Thai
Mobile versionNo
Social NetworksFacebook, Twitter, Youtube
Official website:,

The web portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand provides users with services and information on the following sections:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Foreign policy;
  • Consular services;
  • Thailand in the international organization ASEAN;
  • Media Center;
  • Information for visitors to Thailand;
  • Thailand today.

E-services[edit | edit source]

The web portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides services to users in the following categories:

  • traveling abroad;
  • passport;
  • information about the documents;
  • citizenship and legislation.

Open Data[edit | edit source]

Open data of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is available to citizens like data sets:

  • Information on transit points between Thailand and neighboring countries.
  • Legal information that is supported or complies with the provisions concerning the approval or authorization of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Information about the tender of the Chancellery of the Permanent Secretary of the Interior.