The implementation of E-Government/E-Government by country/Thailand/Department of land transport

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Department of Land transport web portal
Multilanguage - English, - Thai
Mobile version No
RSS RSS-feeds
Subscription Yes
Account Registration is needed
Search Yes
Social Networks No
Official website:

The web portal of the Land Transport Department provides information on the following main sections:

  • Public information;
    • Driver's license:
    • Recovery of a Thai driver's license;
    • Obtaining a temporary driver's license;
    • Obtaining an international driver's license according to the Geneva Convention;
  • Knowledge center.

E-services[edit | edit source]

Department of Land Transport provides the next opportunities for users:

  • online payments of tax invoices;
  • information on the route of passenger transport in the system;
  • guide to bus routes Bangkok-Thailand;
  • legal information services;
  • information center of Department of Land Transport;
  • direct payment system;
  • car auction;
  • applying for a license to use a private car;
  • the history of public transport drivers;
  • the car registration;
  • license renewal system (permit) for vehicles;
  • public transport registration system.

To apply this e-services users registration is needed.