The implementation of E-Government/E-Government by country/Thailand/Department of Employment

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Department of Employment web portal
Multilanguage - English, - Thai
Mobile versionNo
Social NetworksFacebook
Official website:

The web portal of the Federal Tax Service is designed for three categories of the population: individuals, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. The web portal of the Department of Employment publishes information in the following sections:

  • About the department;
  • Action plan;
  • Laws, rules;
  • News;
  • Downloads;
  • Service Information;
  • Knowledge base;
  • Agencies;
  • Local jobs;
  • Career guide;
  • Work abroad;
  • The work of a foreigner;
  • Labor protection and inspection;
  • Labor market news.

E-services[edit | edit source]

The web portal provides electronic services to the public and information on the following main areas:

  • News;
  • Mass media about the Federal Tax Service;
  • Electronic services;
  • Video Assistant;
  • Documents.

The web portal of Department of Employment provides e-services for citizens:

  • Intellectual Employment Center;
  • Registration system for elderly people;
  • Unemployment Insurance System;
  • Promotion Support Service;
  • Electronic system of Thai labor management in foreign countries;
  • The system for tracking permits for work with foreigners;
  • Library of the Employment Department.