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Ministry of Emergency web portal
Multilanguage - Russian, - English
Mobile versionNo
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Social NetworksFacebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Livejournal, Youtube, Instagram, Odnoklassniki
Official website:

On the Ministry of Emergency situations of Russia web portal information and electronic services are contained in the following sections:

  • Operative information;
  • Ministry;
  • Activity;
  • Staffing;
  • Legislation;
  • Contacts.

E-services[edit | edit source]

The official web portal of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation provides information and electronic services for citizens:

  • For population:
    • rules of behavior with regard to seasonal risks;
    • rules of preparation and behavior in emergency situations;
    • Internet security resources:
      • Mobile lifeguard;
      • Culture of life safety;
      • Fire safety;
      • Radiation safety;
      • Psychological help;
      • System 112;
      • Volunteer organizations and patriotic education;
    • for children and teenagers:
      • Child safety portal Spas Extreme;
      • All-Russian youth movement "School of Security";
      • Cadet corps, schools, classes, groups, specialized classes of the Ministry of Emergency Situations;
      • Comics for children: "About the brave, strong and courageous";
    • for tourists:
      • Rules of conduct for tourists;
      • Registration of tourist groups;
    • reminders and recommendations:
      • Practical guide for emergency psychological aid;
      • Memo for first aid to victims;
      • Memo and posters for civil defense;
      • Methodical recommendations on the activities of the Russian Emergencies Ministry;
      • Answers to frequently asked questions;
    • education and employment:
      • Employment in the Emergency of Russia;
      • Educational institutions Emergency of Russia for applicants;
    • delivery of documents:
      • Prompt issuance of duplicate documents lost as a result of an emergency;
      • Issue of certificates of state inspection for small vessels (SISV);
      • Issue of certificates to citizens exposed to radiation;
    • special projects Emergency of Russia:
      • Information and joint projects of the Russian Emergencies Ministry;
  • For legal entities:
    • fire safety;
    • civil protection;
    • state inspection for small vessels;
    • certification of technical means of transport notification;
  • For the media.

Open Data[edit | edit source]

Open data of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia - section of the web portal of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, which provides information on the activities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia and subordinate organizations, placed in the Internet in the form of open data.

The open data of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the .csv format are contained in the following sets:

  • Plans for scheduled inspections.
  • Statistical information on emergency situations.
  • Statistics on the implementation of state supervision (control) and municipal control.
  • Official statistics of fires and their consequences in the Russian Federation.
  • The register of notifications on the beginning of the implementation by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs of activities for the production of fire and technical products.
  • List of regulatory documents on fire safety, subject to application when conducting inspections by the supervisory bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.
  • List of territorial bodies and representative offices (representatives) of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia abroad.
  • Accounting for bases (structures) for parking small boats, beaches, crossings and floating bridges.
  • Accounting for accidents and incidents with small vessels, accidents with people on the water.