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The Zope 3 Book

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This book is about Zope 3, a Python framework for web application development. Zope 3 was developed by the Zope community with the leadership of Jim Fulton, the creator of original Zope. Zope 3 consists of a number of small frameworks and libraries written in Python programming language and it is usable in pieces or in whole. These frameworks and libraries can be put together to build any kind of web application. Most of the Zope 3 packages are built on top of a component architecture which helps to separate presentation code from the problem domain code and to create reusable components.

The goal for this project is to create a complete, free, open-content, well-organized book for Zope 3. The target audience of this book are Python programmers looking for developing web applications. However, the book doesn't assume you are familiar with any other web framework. This book will require prior knowledge Python programming language and at least some exposure to the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Table of Contents