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Use the above given alphabet to read the whole VMs. If for any reason it is decided to reverse the transliteration than remove the vowels and replace the consonants with VMs alphabet given in table above. Although if you will be more comfortable to work with English alphabet you can replace Ukrainian consonants with English using the above given alphabet table [1]. Or you can replace my transliteration in Ukrainian with English alphabet. To do that use alphabet table above for consonant and for vowels and correct phonetic value of the words use table in my Home Page To obtain meaning of Ukrainian words in English use Ukrainian – English dictionary. Except for names you will find meaning for all the words used in VMs. Bellow is given translation of page 18R.

18R in Ukrainian ф\ 1. Що Око робе заре косе? Хиба Орів хапа. Був, бору і суть повіли. Око боре в злі. Попита се. Ви пита віру Кагалу?

2. Вість одновили і світу повіли. Пише то пишу. Ви те побили Око божиє косе.Повіло Око Бозйа.

3. У свьату по вірі повір і повіта нашу віру і панусьу. Свьаті повіли косо. Се што поборе зло?

4. По вірі поставе Орі і увітеа онову Ора. Се то повіли ви та Бозя.

5. Што повірі повіру у пусті божиї. Пусто вола половили і повезли.

6. Се пишу то повір. Хиба заре се што вола попустиш. Око боре, Ока бере і Око було.

7. В одновір одне божиє. Пошто се повіла? Око вола, вала косо, хвали Око божиє.

8. Свьата по вірі пита волі. Вольа в Коси. Ви то були коси а Око береш.

9. Повіли і попусту були. Ви то одні були і пише та булака.

10. Око боре одну віру. Се ви то повіли? Волі се Око божиє?

11. Де в Степу бажає. Пові та пиши. Попита вольу по вірі Коса.

12. Усі по базару поставили. Око божиє і Свьата пише пусте се.

13. Віру одну бажайе пустовіри. Пусті були ви та буле у Око бере .

14. Се Понті пиши та побажай.

                            18R in English   

1. What slanted Oko is doing now? Perhaps Ora’s people you are snatching. I was, I am fighting and told the truth. Oko you are fighting mischievously (evil manner). Ask this. Are you asking religion for your clan?

2. We renewed the information (news) and told to the world. He wrote and I am writing. You broke this slanted eye of God. Oko Bozia (Baby God) answered.

3. In believe she is holy and you should believe and welcome our religion and Miss. The holy told in slanted way. Is that the evil that will be victorious?

4. In religion we decide for Ora and Ora will welcome the renovation. What a news you and Bozia told.

5. That in religion I will believe in god’s emptiness. Empty (vain) is your calling, we caught (snatched) and carted away.

6. What I am writing you should believe. Perhaps now that what you are calling you will relinquish, Oko is fighting, Oko is victorious and Oko was.

7. In one religion only one is gods. For what reason Kosa (slant) is telling us? Oko is calling slanted, praise the God’s Oko.

8. In believe her holiness is asking for freedom. Kosa has the freedom. You were slants and now you are taking Oko.

9. You are saying but you were idlers. You were alone but you are writing and talking.

10. Oko is fighting for one religion. You told this. Do you won’t this God’s Oko?

11. Where do you wont in Steppe? Tell and write. Kosa should ask for freedom in religion.

12. Every one was vain in the marked place. God’s Oko and (she) holy one is writing this emptiness.

13. Vain believers are wishing one religion. You are vain therefore you are taking Oko that was.

14. Write this to Pontia and wish him.

Now please read the meaning of the VMs in English or if you speak Ukrainian in Ukrainian. After reading you will and you should make conclusion what is this all about. I do not know what your conclusion will be but I believe that I should explain my understanding of the VMs text. Some one in authority received letter and he reads and dictates to his scribe what answer he should write. From time to time he gives phrases from his letter that provoked the other side response and than give phrase what he desired in the answer. For example: I will take line 1. 1. In his letter he wrote “What slanted Oko is doing now?” And than gives his answer, “Perhaps Ora’s people you are snatching”. He received the following answer, “I was, I am fighting and I told the truth”. Now he wants the scribe to write in this answer “Oko you are fighting mischievously (in evil manner). And than he order the scribe “Ask this” and give the phrase “Are you asking religion for your clan?”

After reading the letter and stating to the scribe what he want to be included in the answer, he gives the following order. See line 14. “Write this to Pontia and wish him”

From the other pages in VMs where is stated that Pontia was Median King or general that come with his army to help Miss Mania Koza and her son Sus to fight Ora’s army. When the VMs were written is not known. But it is good indication that VMs was written at the time when Media was strong and the King of Media or general Pontia was known for his glory in history. The Black Sea was named after him. The Greek to the present time call Black Sea Pontus. I doubt that the original notes of the scribe survived in its original form. It seems that the original notes were rewritten. If the VMs were original it would be written by the same hand writing. Although I am not hand writing expert however, I do recognize more than one hand writing. Who and when the VMs was rewritten, probably we will never know. But it can be stated that, at that time it was known what it contain. Also they knew the alphabet and language in which the VMs were written.

Whether the original was in poor shape or the political time dictated. That the writing should be preserved for the future. It was rewritten and the pictures were added for deceptions. That I do know. Many hours I spent trying to decipher to decipher looking for name or clue in the pictures. When I succeeded deciphering the alphabet and started to read than I realized that the writing has nothing to do with the pictures. Yes, it is ingenious deception to mask true contents in VMs.

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