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Transcription, comments, theories, links to do with VMs page f5v to be added here...


One branching plant that takes up the lower 3/4 of the page.

Root: two dark-painted potato-shaped tubers next to the stem, with a few medium-length "mousetail" roots shooting from them.
Stem: straight and vertical, light under(?)color, with a fantastic loop at the top. The stem's base is wrapped with a short uncolored sheath.
Branches: several, diagonal, mostly straight.
Leaves: four lobes with serrated edges, naturalistically curved. Each lobe has a central vein.
Stalks: medium-short, thin, look like branches. Light coulored, many of them with crudely overpainted dark splotches.
Flowers: several, medium-small, mostly upright, some drooping.
Stalk: short, sometimes bent by weight.
Chalyx: rounded, light colored, like a rose's but on the fat side.
Sepals: short and pointed, light colored.
Petals: half a dozen, small, tongue-shaped, spread out; dark overpaint almost but not quite fills their outline.

One paragraph (5.5 lines) above the plant, left- and right-justified.


The plant looks fairly normal, except for the fantastic loop in the stalk. Leaves and flowers are very naturalistic, but some are spoiled by the crude dark overpaint.