The Voynich Manuscript/F4v

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Transcription, comments, theories, links to do with VMs page f4v to be added here...

Description:[edit | edit source]

One plant, mostly in the right half of the page.

Two paragraphs, both above mid-page. The first is left- and right-justified; the second is left-justified, and follows the plant's profile on the right.

Comments:[edit | edit source]

Plant appearance: somewhat bizarre, and badly drawn. It seems to have two types of leaves. The lower ones are too small, badly spaced and badly proportioned, and in unnatural positions. The upper ones look like pompons. The root has a strange, ungainly shape (but that may be the work of the Dark Painter). The stems have uneven and unnatural thickness.

This drawing is almost certainly an expanded version of plant f101r1[1,5]. Stolfi suggested that the person who drew this page thought that the star-shaped things in f101r1[1,5] were flowers, so he supplied fantasy leaves; and he only noticed the mistake halfway through the plant.