The Troubles (Northern Ireland)/Easter Rising

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Easter Rising[edit]

Easter Rising, 1916 Rising, 1916 Rebellion is a battle that happened between Irish Nationalist and the British Army on the 24th April 1916-29th April 1916. This was another attempt to get rid of British reign. It was organised by 7 members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. The Irish Volunteers and the Irish Citizens Army, seized key points in Dublin and proclaimed it as part of the Irish Republic and free from the United Kingdom. However this went down hill very quickly and came to an end after 5 days from its beginning.


The 7 main people were executed by the British Army, many were captured, questioned and tortured. There are two main people; Éamon de Valera and Michael Collins. These two men are key in the Irish 1916 Rising but you are wondering how?

Éamon de Valera[edit]

Éamon de Valera (1882-1975) is the 3rd president of Ireland and is the founder of Sinn Féin and also a member of the Irish Volunteers (Later becoming the IRA [Irish Republican Army]), He was a strong supporter of Irish Independence.

Michael Collins[edit]

Michael Collins (1890-1922) was the Chairman of the Provisional Government and the Commander in Chief for the National Army (Irish Army). Collins was also the Intelligence Officer for the Irish Republican Army (IRA), he was a supporter of Sinn Féin who one of his comrades in the 1916 Rising Éamon de Valera created.