The Story of Rhodesia/More resources about Rhodesia

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Books[edit | edit source]

  • The Great Betrayal - The Memoirs of Ian Douglas Smith - A 1997 autobiographic apologia written by Ian Smith, focusing on his time as Prime Minister of the British self-governing colony of Southern Rhodesia, later Rhodesia (April 13, 1964 – June 1, 1979).

Magazines[edit | edit source]

  • Rhodesiana - A magazine published during the days of Rhodesia, to promote Rhodesian historical studies and to encourage research. [1]
  • Southern Rhodesia 1890-1950; A Record of Sixty Years Progress - A magazine celebrating Rhodesia’s 60th anniversary.[2]

Movies[edit | edit source]

Please take in to account that movies have to be enterntaing and aren’t always historically acccurate:

Songs[edit | edit source]

Many songs where written about Rhodesia, however this will be just a short list:

  • Rhodesians Never Die by Clem Tholet, a pop song that got an iconic status during the Rhodesian Bush War.
  • The U.D.I. Song by John Edmond, a folk song commemorating Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

Sources[edit | edit source]

  1. Volumes 21-40