The Science of Programming

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The Science of Programming

Table of Chapters[edit]

  1. Terrifying Concepts
  2. How Low Can You Go?
  3. A Little of This, A Little of That
  4. The Simplest Things
  5. Constant Worries
  6. Guzzintas and other Cipherin'
  7. Lather, Rinse, Repeat
  8. As Time Goes By
  9. Working on the Chain Gang
  10. Slippery Slopes
  11. Peaks and Valleys
  12. Dead Man's Curve
  13. Breaking Up is Hard to Do
  14. The Rich Get Richer
  15. Auld Lang Sine
  16. Do What You Can
  17. And Now for Something Completely Different
  18. Up The Down Staircase
  19. Area 51
  20. The Mountaintop
  21. The 100% Solution
  22. Hairpin Curves
  23. Arc De Triomphe

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