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Fuller-Acland-Hood, Alexander (Baron St. Audries)[edit | edit source]

“First Conservative Whip” (Spy), November 26, 1903[edit | edit source]

Fuller-Acland-Hood A Vanity Fair 1903-11-26.jpg

Born at St. Andrews in 1853, he succeeded his father as fourth Baronet ten years ago, after having gone through Eton, Balliol, and Sandhurst with credit, having served with the Grenadier Guards in Egypt, and having been A.D.C. to the Governor of Victoria. As a Baronet he retired from the Army, became M.P. for West Somerset, and Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury; for he is the head of a good old Somersetshire family whose father and grandfather represented the country before him. He is also Vice-Chamberlain to His Majesty and First Whip of the Conservative Party.

He can speak to the point, he is a very cheerful, good fellow, and he believes in the future of the Conservative Party.

Alexander Fuller-Acland-Hood (1853-1917) rowed No. 6 for the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards in the Grand in 1877 with H.F. Eaton and Alwyne Frederick Compton.