The Poetry of Gaius Valerius Catullus/37

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Horny saloon and its smug clientele, pillar nine from the twins wearing caps, you think that you alone dangle dicks and have the right to fuck all the girls and consider other men good as goats? A hundred or two of you sit side by side and foolishly doubt I would dare violate the mouths of sitters two hundred strong. Believe it! In fact, I'll paint penises across your entire saloon grand facade A girl who fled my arms, once my girl, loved in a way no girl ever was, for the sake of whom I fought mighty wars, -she joins the crowd, and the crowd loves her too, not just the rich and the god (shame enough) but every low-life sex fiend in town. And the pack is led by you, hairy fop, son of Celtic Spain, rabbit land, Egnatius, proud of your dark, black goatee and teeth of Iberian sheen, brushed in piss.