The Physics Problem Solver

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The purpose of this book is to basically be a database of questions and explained answers. Anyone is welcome to contribute, but most of the content will be from online homework help in Freenodes ##physics.

Newtonian mechanics: force, motion, and waves


  1. The SI Unit System
  2. Scalar and Vector Quantities
  3. Significant Figures


  1. Motion in One Dimension
  2. Motion in Two Dimensions
  3. Projectile Motion
  4. Relative Motion
  5. Velocity and Acceleration

Newton's Laws

  1. Newton's First Law
  2. Newton's Second Law
  3. Newton's Third Law
  4. Center of Mass
  5. Linear Motion and Statics


  1. Work and Energy
  2. Energy and Conservation of Energy


  1. Newton's Law of Gravitation and Weight
  2. Gravitational Potential Energy

Other Topics

  1. Momentum and Conservation of Momentum
  2. Impulse
  3. Rotational Motion
  4. Fluid Mechanics
  5. Harmonic Motion, Waves, and Sounds


  1. Pressure and Temperature
  2. The Ideal Gas
  3. Entropy


  1. Electric Charge and Coulomb's Law
  2. Electric Fields
  3. Field Energy and Continuous Charge Distributions
  4. Gauss' Law
  5. Voltage
  6. Capacitance, Inductance, LRC Circuits
  7. Current and Circuits
  8. Resistance
  9. Magnetic fields
  10. Ampere's Law
  11. Electromagnetic Induction
  12. AC Circuits
  13. Maxwell's Equations
  14. Electromagnetic Waves


  1. Light
  2. Geometric Optics
  3. Wave Properties of Light

Modern Physics

  1. Relativity
  2. Special Relativity
  3. Quantum Mechanics
  4. Atoms
  5. The Bohr Model
  6. The Schroedinger Equation

The Physics Problem Solver