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The Organ Systems/foreword

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The human body - Male and Female
The human body - Male and Female

Organ systems

This book is about the organ systems in the human body with some comparative anatomy.

This book is a project begun by the students in the Hill College Spring 2017 Biology 1409 course. Our hope is that this book will give an introduction to the human organ systems for the student of introductory biology and zoology. Some comparative analysis will be included.

We encourage the community to add to and correct our work while still keeping the language at a level that will not discourage beginning learners. I hope that this will be a useful start for students of all ages who would like to know a bit more about the human body.

Rosalyn Hunter

Biology Instructor

July 20, 2017


In Spring 2023 the students of the Hill College Biology 1409 course added information diseases of these systems. I would like to acknowledge them and thank them for the work they did to expand this work for the benefit of the public commons. Thank you.

Special thanks to these students for updates to this book: Katie Denny (urinary), Bailee, Brooklin Burgess (integumentary), Thomas Dillard, Jadyn Groves, L.E.I, Christie Kellam (circulatory), Caleb Larue, Cloe May, and Abbie Pruisner (skeletal).

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