The Once and Future King/Minor Characters

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The Once and Future King - Minor Characters

See also Major Characters.

As many characters have only a given name, or take "of Somewhere" as their last name, the characters are listed alphabetically by first name.

Note that characters in The Once and Future King may not exactly match with traditional Arthurian legend.

Sir Ector - Owns the Castle of the Forest Sauvage. He adopts and cares for the Wart . He is the father of Kay.

Sir Kay - Son of Sir Ector and friend of the Wart. He tries to act superior over the Wart. He follows Arthur on one adventure: the rescue mission at Morgan le Fay's castle (see The Sword in the Stone). When Arthur brings Kay the Sword in the Stone, Kay falsely claims to have drawn the sword himself, but soon gives the credit to Arthur. He later becomes a knight of the Round Table.

Morgan le Fay - The most evil of the Cornwalls, and the strongest in magic. "Le Fay" means "the Fairy". She is the antagonist in the major adventure in The Sword in the Stone. Her sisters are Elaine (not mentioned) and Morgause.