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Once and Future King/The Sword in the Stone/Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

The Wart meets King Pellinore in the Forest Savauge when he is out overnight looking for Cully, the goshawk. King Pellinore says he has been lost for 17 years. His dog is supposed to be tracking the Questing beast but she usually goes in opposite directions from King Pellinore, and gets her leash tied around the horse's legs. He appears to be a clumsy man and has problems keeping his visor up. King Pellinore complains about his armor "all this beastly armor takes hours to put on. When it is on it's either frying or freezing, and it gets rusty. You have to sit up all night polishing the stuff. Oh, how i do wish I had a nice house of my own to live in, a house with beds in it and real pillows and sheets." the Wart offers him a feather bed in Sir Ector's castle if he will help the Wart find his way back to the castle. King Pellinore is very excited and completely forgets about the Wart being lost. Then he hears the beast and goes off after it, leaving the Wart. King Pellinore also appears in later chapters of the book.