The Mojavi 3 Book/Installation

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Mojavi Installation Steps. 1. download mojavi files. 2. extract those files in directory(i extracted all files to d:\\web\mojavi). 3. open the dir you extract files in you will see Folders (i).svg (ii) lib (iii) opt and (iv)webapp Files (i) index.php (ii) mojavi-all-classes.php

the actual installation starts now. 1. go to webapp folder 2. find and open config.php 3. set BASE_DIR to d:/web/mojavi/ 4. set MOJAVI_FILES to $BASE_DIR . 'mojavi-all-classes.php' 5. set OPT_DIR as $BASE_DIR . 'opt/' 6 and set LOG_DIR to your log dir as above. 7. know comment 'die' statement in your (mojavi folder in my case) index.php

important: you will still encounter a problem because the application has not been developed.