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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap/Characters

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This is a list of fictional characters that appear in the video game The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.

Main characters[edit | edit source]

Link[edit | edit source]

Link is the recurring hero of The Legend of Zelda series. He is the grandson of Smith and the childhood friend of Princess Zelda. Link goes on an adventure to reawaken the cursed Zelda, and meets Ezlo on the way.

Princess Zelda[edit | edit source]

Princess Zelda is the recurring princess of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda series. She contains the mysterious Light Force and early in the game she is turned into stone by Vaati, prompting Link to save her.

Ezlo[edit | edit source]

Ezlo is a Minish sorcerer who invented a hat that makes the wearer's dreams come true. His apprentice, Vaati, steals the hat and transfigures Ezlo into a beaked hat form himself. After Ezlo sets out to stop Vaati, he meets Link, and spends most of the time sitting on Link's head giving advice. Ezlo can also transform Link into the size of a Minish to help him on his quest, and can be used as a parachute.

Vaati[edit | edit source]

Vaati is a recurring villain in The Legend of Zelda series, introduced in The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords. The Minish Cap reveals Vaati's backstory, showing that he was originally a Minish who was corrupted by the evil in the hearts of men. Stealing his master Ezlo's magical hat, he transformed into a sorcerer and went on a quest to steal the powerful Light Force.

Secondary characters[edit | edit source]

Minish/Picori[edit | edit source]

Called Picori by humans, though they refer to themselves as the Minish, are a tiny, gnome-like race of people who traveled from their land to Hyrule. The relative size of a Minish is about that of a human's thumb. Despite this, they possess magical abilities to forge and make magical items, and they purposely tend to leave them where humans can find them. It is said that the Minish will only show themselves to children. Various types of Minish live throughout Hyrule.

Forest Minish[edit | edit source]

The Forest Minish live outside human towns, they help humans by scattering money, items, and their special "kinstones" across the lands, hiding them in pots, grass, rocks and even the ground under people's feet. They mostly live in forests and dense growth, but sometimes go into town to visit their urban counterparts. They also cultivate "picolyte", which is a type of mystical blossom that, when consumed, changes chances on finding certain things. They will make a home in just about anything. Pots, boots and even barrels are fair game. They also live in hollowed out toadstools. They tend to forests, help plants grow, and also protect the shrine of the "Earth Element". They wear a green poncho-like tunic, red caps, use clovers as umbrellas, and are led by Festari.

Town Minish[edit | edit source]

The Town Minish are the city folk of the Minish. They live in walls, on book shelves, eves in ceilings, and anywhere a mouse could live. They make walkways, tunnels, and various paths out of the way of humans to get around. They are slightly more "sophisticated" when it comes to living. They use lost toys, broken things and lint for cushioning in their furniture. They also use candles as lighting, and prefer "finer-foods". They build establishments above human shops to "recycle" what humans do not use. They wear various colors on their clothes. Yellow is the most uncommon, while blue is very popular. They host Forest Minish at parties, and are led by Librari.

Mountain Minish[edit | edit source]

The Mountain Minish dwell within Mount Crenel. They spend their time mining and smithing, and are quite adept at it. They dig out their homes, and usually live in large groups. They wear orange, pale blue, and white zig-zagged clothes and are led by Melari.

King Daltus[edit | edit source]

Daltus is the king of Hyrule, and the father of Princess Zelda. Halfway through the game he is imprisoned by Vaati, who transforms himself into the king and orders his soldiers to find the Light Force for him.

Blade Brothers[edit | edit source]

The Blade Brothers are seven brothers who are all expert swordsmen. They teach Link various sword skills, though all but the first one (the Spin Attack), are optional. The brothers consist of Swiftblade, Grayblade, Waveblade, Grimblade, Splitblade, Scarblade and Greatblade. Swiftblade is the strongest of the seven, and teaches Link the most skills. The brothers also have another, older brother named Swiftblade the First, who appears in a ghostly form to teach Link the final skill (Great Spin Attack).

Smith[edit | edit source]

Smith is Link's Grandfather, and the blacksmith of Hyrule's royal family. He is a friend of King Daltus, and the two were friendly rivals and swordsmen in their youths. Smith gives Link the first sword in the game, known as "Smith's Sword".

Carlov[edit | edit source]

Carlov is a character introduced in The Wind Waker, where he made figurines from the player's "pictographs". He serves a similar role in The Minish Cap, selling figurines with short explanations of characters and enemies in exchange for Mysterious Shells.

Dampé[edit | edit source]

Dampé is a gravekeeper that was introduced in Ocarina of Time, and has reappeared in several games since its release. In each game he works as a gravekeeper. In The Minish Cap, Dampé lives in the graveyard in Royal Valley, and gives Link the key needed to access the grave of Gustaf.

Gustaf[edit | edit source]

Gustaf is an ancient king of Hyrule, who appears as a ghost to give Link a Kinstone needed to enter the Cloud Tops where the Wind Tribe lives.

Wind Tribe[edit | edit source]

The Wind Tribe is a group of humans who live inside the Tower of the Winds upon the Cloud Tops, guarding the entrance to the Palace of the Winds. They used to reside in what is by The Minish Cap the Wind Ruins, in southwestern Hyrule, where they took care of the Wind Element, but used their powers over the winds to relocate and build a home in the clouds to escape the problems in the surface world. When Link arrives at the fortress, he finds that they have left behind the Ocarina of Wind, which can be used to summon Zeffa, one of their many birds, who can fly Link to the various "Wind Crests" located around Hyrule. They seem to have later been expelled by Vaati, as he is seen dwelling in the Palace of Winds in Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures.

The Wind Tribe knew the Minish, who crafted Armos statues to protect the Wind Ruins surrounding the Fortress of Winds. The tribe also created Mazaal, a large, mechanical construct, resembling a Mayan Bust, which guards the fortress. Besides architecture, they are so skilled at finding Kinstones that they claim to have more than they can deal with. Additionally, they use their power over the winds to support their airborne tower, as well as to travel throughout the sky.

Tingle, Ankle, Knuckle and David Jr.[edit | edit source]

Tingle is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series, introduced in Majora's Mask. His siblings, Ankle and Knuckle, along with an unrelated man named David Jr., were introduced in The Wind Waker. In The Minish Cap, the four characters can be found in various locations of Hyrule, where they tell Link how many Kinstone fusions he has left. Finding and fusing kinstones with all of them earns the player the Magic Boomerang.