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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild/Shrines

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Shrines serve as miniature dungeons. Completion of the shrine typically awards the player a Spirit Orb, alongside other potential benefits.

Shrine Quests[edit | edit source]

Occasionally shrines will require a quest before being allowed to enter.

Shrine Genres[edit | edit source]

Puzzles[edit | edit source]

Many shrines revolve around using game mechanics to reach a goal.

Gyro Shrines[edit | edit source]

Shrines revolving around the use of gyroscopic manipulation to solve a puzzle.

Tests of Strength[edit | edit source]

These combat oriented shrines test the player in combat, with victory resulting in completion of the shrine.

Blessing[edit | edit source]

Blessing shrines immediately award the player with a spirit orb. That is not to say blessing shrines are a freebie for the player, these shrines are typically protected by some sort of puzzle or quest in the overworld.

Ballad of the Champions Shrines[edit | edit source]

These shrines have special rules that make their completion more difficult then many standard shrines.