The Housework Manual/Laundry/Bringing in the Dry Laundry

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A simple way to save time in bringing in dry washing is to do two things instead of simply unpegging clothes and throwing them in the basket:

  1. Sort the garments by unpegging them in some meaningful order or grouping, such as by room of the house and/or drawer they belong in. This saves you time, because you don't need to worry about sorting these out later, nor do you need to run between rooms in the house later when putting them away.
  2. Fold the garments as you put them in the basket. If you're spending the time actually handling these garments, you may as well fold them as you handle them. If folding was postponed instead, a lot of the time spent folding would be in picking garments up and putting them down, it would be a doubling of effort in those actions. Why not get the folding done as you're handling them by taking them off the clothes line anyway. This has the added advantage of saving room in your washing basket too, as folded clothes would presumably occupy less volume then unfolded clothes.