The Devonshire Manuscript/to wishe and wante and not obtaine

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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Nature that gave the bee so fete agrace Ons me thoght ffortune me kist
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 71v

f. [71v]

1    to wishe and wante and [] not obtaine
2    to seke & sew ease of my paine
3    Sins all that ever I doo is vaine
4    What maye hit availe me

5    Altho I stryve both daye & night
6    against the streme with{w+t+} all my powre
7    yf fortune liste yet for to lowre
8    what maye &c

9    Yf willinglye I suffer woo
10    if from{_o} the fire me list not go
11    if then I bourne to plaine my1 foo
12    what &c

13    and if the harme that{{th}+t+} I suffre
14    be run{_u}ne to farr out of mesure
15    to seke for helpe ony furthre
16    what &c

17    what tho eche harte that{{th}+t+} heris me plaine
18    petis and plainethe for my paine
19    yf I no lesse in gref remaine
20    what &c

21    Ye tho the wante of my relef
22    Displese the causer of my greef
23    Sins I Remaine still in mischefe
24    what /

25    Suche cruell chaunse doth so^me thrett
26    continuallie inwarde to ffrett
27    then of relef for to intrete
28    what. []

29    ffortune is deff vnto my call
30    my tormen{_e}t movith her not at all
31    and tho she torne as doth a ball
32    what

33    for in dispaire ther is no rede
34    to wante of ere speche is no spede
35    to linger{g'} still alive as dede
36    what maye yt auayle me /


Notes & Glosses[edit | edit source]

     1. The scribe crossed through the tail of the overwitten y twice.

Commentary[edit | edit source]

Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt,[1] this poem was entered by H8. The speaker, here, laments that Fortune is as deaf to his complaint as the lady.

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Textual Notes[edit | edit source]

Texts Collated[edit | edit source]

LEge43, AAH22

Collation[edit | edit source]

1 to] To LEge43 to wishe and wante and not obtaine] AAH22 wishe] wisshe LEge43 wante] want LEge43 not obtaine] not obtain LEge43
2 to seke & sew ease of my paine] AAH22 paine] pain LEge43
3 Sins] syns LEge43 Sins all that ever I doo is vaine] AAH22 doo] do LEge43 vaine] vain LEge43
4 What maye hit availe me] AAH22 maye] may LEge43 hit] it LEge43 availe] availl LEge43
5 Altho] All tho LEge43 Altho I stryve both daye & night] AAH22 stryve] styrve LEge43 both] boeth LEge43 daye] day LEge43 night] howre LEge43
6 against the streme with all my powre] AAH22
7 yf] if LEge43 yf fortune liste yet for to lowre] AAH22 liste] list LEge43 yet] LEge43
8 what] What LEge43 what maye & c] AAH22 maye] may LEge43 & c] it availl me LEge43
9 Yf] If LEge43 Yf willinglye I suffer woo] AAH22 willinglye] willingly LEge43 suffer] suffre LEge43
10 if from the fire me list not go] AAH22 fire] fyre LEge43 go] goo LEge43
11 if] Yf AAH22 bourne] burne AAH22 burn LEge43 plaine] playne AAH22 myefsoo] me so AAH22 LEge43
12 what] What LEge43 & c] maye it avayle me AAH22 may it availl me LEge43
13 and] And AAH22 LEge43 suffre] suffer AAH22
14 runne] ronne AAH22 run LEge43 farr] farre LEge43 out] owte LEge43 mesure] measure AAH22 mesur LEge43
15 seke] seeke AAH22 helpe] helpp AAH22 ony] any AAH22 LEge43 furthre] further AAH22 LEge43
16 what] What LEge43 & c] may it availe me AAH22 may it availl me LEge43
17 what] What AAH22 LEge43 tho] thoughe AAH22 tho LEge43 eche] eache AAH22 harte] hart AAH22 hert LEge43 heris] heares AAH22 hereth LEge43 plaine] playne AAH22 plain LEge43
18 petis] Pitieth AAH22 pitieth LEge43 plainethe] playneth AAH22 plaineth LEge43 my] mye AAH22 paine] payne AAH22 payn LEge43
19 yf] Yf AAH22 if LEge43 lesse] les LEge43 gref] greef AAH22 greif LEge43 remaine] remayne AAH22 remain LEge43
20 what] What LEge43 & c] may it availe me AAH22 may it availl me LEge43
21 Ye tho] Yea though AAH22 wante] want AAH22 LEge43 relef] releef AAH22 relief LEge43
22 Displese] Displease AAH22 LEge43 greef] greif LEge43
23 Sins] Syns AAH22 syns LEge43 I] that I LEge43 Remaine] remayne AAH22 remain LEge43 mischefe] mischeef AAH22 myschief LEge43
24 what /] what may it avayle me AAH22 What may it availl me LEge43
25 chaunse] chaunce AAH22 LEge43 doth] doeth LEge43 me] me AAH22 LEge43 thrett] threat AAH22 threte LEge43
26 continuallie] Contynuallye AAH22 continuelly LEge43 inwarde] inward AAH22 LEge43 ffrett] freat AAH22 fret LEge43
27 then] Then AAH22 relef] releace AAH22 relesse LEge43 intrete] entreat AAH22 trete LEge43
28 what.] what may it availe me AAH22 What may it availl me LEge43
29 deff] deafe AAH22 deiff LEge43
30 my] Mye AAH22 movith] moves AAH22 moveth LEge43
31 tho] thoughe AAH22 though LEge43 torne] turne AAH22 torn LEge43 doth] dothe AAH22 doeth LEge43
32 what] what may it availe me AAH22 What may it availl me LEge43
33 for] ffor AAH22 LEge43 dispaire] despere LEge43 ther] theare AAH22 there LEge43 rede] reede AAH22
34 to] To AAH22 wante] want AAH22 LEge43 ere] eare AAH22 ere : LEge43 speche] speeche AAH22 spede] speede AAH22
35 linger] lynger AAH22 alive] a lyve AAH22 alyve LEge43 dede] deade AAH22 ded LEge43
36 what] What LEge43 maye] may AAH22 LEge43 yt auayle me /] it availe me AAH22 it availl me LEge43