The Devonshire Manuscript/Was neuer yet fyle half so well fylyd

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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What no perde ye may be sure As power & wytt wyll me Assyst
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 19v

f. [19v] 

To my

1    Was neuer yet fyle half so well fylyd
2    to fyle A fyle to any smythys intent
3    as I was made a fylyng instrument
4    to frame other / Whyle I was begylyd
5    But Reason at my foly hathe smylyd
6    And pardond me syns that{{th}+t+} I me Repent
7    my lytyll per{p+}seyvyng / & tyme myspent
8    ffor yowthe dyd lede me & falshed agylyd
9    But thys trust I haue by gret Aparans
10    syns that{{th}+t+} Dyscayte ys ay Retournable
11    of very force yt ys Agreable
12    that therwith{w+t+}all be done the Recompence
13    & gylys Reward is small trust for euer
14    gyle begyld shuld be blamyd neuer

ffynys s


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Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt by Kenneth Muir,[1] this poem was entered by H2. The poem is also found in Tottel's Miscellany as entry number 39, entitled “The abused louer seeth his foly, and entendeth to trust no more.”[2]. The poem may be an adaptation of Petrarch's Rime 258.

Interestingly, an unidentified hand writes “to my” above but omits a name.

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Texts Collated

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STC13860_34, DBLa22, LEge37, AAH20


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1 Was] WAs STC_13860_34 Was neuer yet] Ther was never DBla22 Was neuer yet fyle] There was never ffile LEge37 yet] ffile yet AAH20 yet fyle] file yet STC_13860_34 fyle] AAH20 half] halfe DBla22 fylyd] yfyled AAH20 filed LEge37 yfiled, STC_13860_34
2 to] To AAH20 STC_13860_34 DBla22 fyle] file LEge37 STC_13860_34 A] a AAH20 DBla22 LEge37 STC_13860_34 fyle] file LEge37 STC_13860_34 to] for AAH20 DBla22 STC_13860_34 to any] for everyany LEge37 smythys] smythes AAH20 LEge37 smyth DBla22 smithes STC_13860_34 intent] Intent DBla22 intent, STC_13860_34
3 as] As AAH20 STC_13860_34 I] DBla22 made] mad DBla22 fylyng] fylinge AAH20 filing LEge37 filyng STC_13860_34 instrument] Instrument DBla22 instrument, STC_13860_34
4 to] To AAH20 STC_13860_34 to frame other /] fra another DBla22 other /] other, AAH20 STC_13860_34 othres LEge37 Whyle I] whyle that I AAH20 whyle I DBla22 while I LEge37 while that I STC_13860_34 begylyd] beguyled AAH20 begiled LEge37 begiled. STC_13860_34
5 But] but AAH20 But Reason] hath DBla22 Reason] reason AAH20 LEge37 reason, STC_13860_34 at my foly hathe smylyd] loe, hathe at my follye Smyled AAH20 hath at my folly smylyd DBla22 hath at my follie smyled LEge37 loe, hath at my foly smiled, STC_13860_34
6 And] and LEge37 And pardond me] pardon me DBla22 pardond me] pard'ned me, AAH20 pardoned me, STC_13860_34 syns] sens DBla22 sins STC_13860_34 Repent] repent AAH20 DBla22 LEge37 STC_13860_34
7 my] Of my AAH20 STC_13860_34 off my DBla22 of my LEge37 lytyll perseyvyng / &] laste yeares, and of my AAH20 lost yeres, and of my STC_13860_34 lytyll perseyvyng /] lost yeres DBla22 LEge37 tyme] time STC_13860_34 myspent] mispent. STC_13860_34
8 ffor] For AAH20 for LEge37 ffor yowthe] For youthe AAH20 youth DBla22 for yeuth LEge37 For youth STC_13860_34 dyd lede me] led me, AAH20 dyd me lede DBla22 did me lede LEge37 led me, STC_13860_34 & falshed a gylyd] and falsehood me mysguyded AAH20 and falshod me misguided. STC_13860_34 falshed] falshode LEge37 a] me DBla22 a gylyd] guyded LEge37 gylyd] gydyd DBla22
9 But] Yet, AAH20 STC_13860_34 yet DBla22 Yet LEge37 thys] this AAH20 LEge37 STC_13860_34 haue] have AAH20 LEge37 by] of AAH20 STC_13860_34 off DBla22 by gret Aparans] of full great aparaunce LEge37 gret] great AAH20 STC_13860_34 Aparans] apparaununce AAH20 app DBla22 apparence: STC_13860_34
10 syns] Syns AAH20 sens DBla22 Sins STC_13860_34 Dyscayte] decete DBla22 Dyscayte ys ay] disceyte is aye AAH20 Dyscayte ys] decept is LEge37 disceit is STC_13860_34 Retournable] returnable AAH20 returnabyll DBla22 retourneable LEge37 returnable, STC_13860_34
11 of] Of STC_13860_34 of very force] off euery fors DBla22 very] vearye AAH20 verye STC_13860_34 yt ys] it is AAH20 LEge37 yt ys Agreable] it is agreable, STC_13860_34 Agreable] agreable AAH20 agreabyll DBla22 aggreable LEge37
12 that] That AAH20 STC_13860_34 therwithall] thearwithall AAH20 therewithall LEge37 done] don DBla22 Recompence] recompence AAH20 LEge37 recumpens DBla22 recompence. STC_13860_34
13 & gylys Reward is small trust for euer] Then guyle beguyled playnd shuld be never AAH20 the gyle for begylyd blamyd shuld be neve DBla22 then gile begiled plained should be never LEge37 Then gile begiled playnd should be neuer, STC_13860_34
14 gyle begyld shuld be blamyd neuer] And the rewarde is lytle trust for ever AAH20 & the reward but lyttyll trust for euer DBla22 and the reward litle trust for ever LEge37 And the reward is little trust for euer. STC_13860_34