The Devonshire Manuscript/That tyme that myrthe dyd stere my shypp

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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And wylt thow leve me thus The restfull place Revyver of my smarte
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 17v

 f. [17v] 

1    That tyme that myrthe dyd stere my shypp
2    whyche now ys frowght with{w+t+} heuines
3    & fortune boate not then the lypp
4    But was Defence off my Dystresse
5    then in my boke wrote my maystresse
6    I am yowres yow may well be sure
7    & shall be whyle my lyff Dothe dure

8    But she her selffe whyche then wrote that
9    is now myn extreme enemye
10    above all men she Dothe me hate
11    Reioysyng of my myserye
12    But thoughe that for her sake I dye
13    I shall be hyres she may be sure
14    as long as my lyff dothe endure

15    it is not tyme that can were owt
16    with{w+t+} me that once ys fermly sett
17    Whyle nature kepys her corse Abowt
18    my love frome her no man can lett
19    thowghe neuer{u'} so sore they me thrett
20    yet am I hyrs she may be sure
21    & shallbe whyle that lyff dothe dure

22    And once I trust to see that day
23    Renuare of my Ioy & welthe
24    that she to me theyse wordes{es} shall say
25    In feythe welcum to me myselffe
26    Welcum my Ioy Welcum my helthe
27    ffor I am thyne thow mayst be sure
28    & shallbe whyle that lyff dothe dure

29    Ho me alas what woordes{es} were theyse
30    in comenant I myght fynd them so
31    I Reke not what smart or dysease
32    I suffred so that I myght knoo
33    that she were myn I myght be sure
34    & shuld whyle that lyff dothe dure


Commentary[edit | edit source]

Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt,[1] this poem was entered by H2. The poem depicts a lover's lamentation of his lost happiness since his mistress has turned against him. The fourth line of the last stanza is omitted.

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Textual Notes[edit | edit source]

Texts Collated[edit | edit source]


Collation[edit | edit source]

1      That] that DBla23     tyme] tym DBla23     stere] styre DBla23     shypp] shyppe DBla23 
2      frowght with heuines] fraut wythe euynes DBla23 
3      & fortune boate] and fortune bot DBla23     then] than DBla23     lypp] Lyppe DBla23 
4      But] but DBla23     Defence] defence DBla23     off] of DBla23     Dystresse] destres DBla23 
5      then] than DBla23     boke] book DBla23     wrote] wrot DBla23     maystresse] mestres DBla23 
6      yowres yow may well be] yours I you may be wel DBla23     sure] suer DBla23 
7      &] and DBla23     my lyff] that Lyffe DBla23     Dothe] dothe DBla23 
8      her] hyr DBla23     wrote] wrot DBla23     that] th DBla23 
9      now myn] nou my DBla23     extreme] extryme DBla23     enemye] enemy DBla23 
10      above] aboue DBla23     men] man DBla23     Dothe] dothe DBla23     hate] hat DBla23 
11      Reioysyng] reioysinge DBla23     myserye] mysery DBla23 
12      But thoughe] but tho DBla23     her] hyr DBla23     dye] dy DBla23 
13      hyres] hyrs DBla23     sure] suer DBla23 
14      long] Longe DBla23     lyff] Lyffe DBla23     endure] induer DBla23 
15      it is] It us DBla23     owt] out DBla23 
16      with] wythe DBla23     once ys] whons is DBla23     fermly] fyrmly DBla23     sett] set DBla23 
17      Whyle] whyle DBla23     kepys] kypes DBla23     her corse Abowt] hyr cours about DBla23 
18      love] hat DBla23     frome] from DBla23     her] hyr DBla23     no man] noman DBla23     lett] Let DBla23 
19      thowghe] tho DBla23     sore] soer DBla23     thrett] thret DBla23 
20      am]  DBla23     hyrs she may be sure]  am hyrs & c DBla23 
22      And once] and onys DBla23     see that] se the DBla23 
23      Renuare] renuer DBla23     Ioy &] yoy and DBla23     welthe] whelthe DBla23 
24      to me]  DBla23     theyse wordes shall say] thes . wourdes to me shall sey DBla23 
25      In] in DBla23     feythe] faythe DBla23     welcum] welcoom DBla23     myselffe] my selffe DBla23 
26      Welcum] welcoum DBla23     Ioy Welcum] hart welcoum DBla23 
27      ffor] for DBla23     thyne] theyn DBla23     thow mayst be sure] & c DBla23 
28      & shallbe whyle that lyff dothe dure]  DBla23 
29      Ho] ho DBla23     were] wer DBla23     theyse] thes DBla23 
30      comenant] couant DBla23     myght] myt DBla23     so] soo DBla23 
31      Reke] reke DBla23     dysease] dysses DBla23 
32      ] tourment or troubel payne or woo DBla23 
33      I]  DBla23     suffred] sufferd DBla23     myght] myt DBla23     knoo] kno DBla23 
34      that] that DBla23     were] uer DBla23     I]  I DBla23     myght] myt DBla23     sure] suer DBla23 
35      & shuld whyle that lyff dothe dure] and should b & c DBla23