The Devonshire Manuscript/My nowne Iohn poyntz . sins ye delight to know

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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I am as I am and so wil I be My mothers maides . when they dyd sow or spin
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 85v
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 86r
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 86v
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 87r

 f. [85v] 

1    My nowne Iohn poyntz . sins ye delight to know
2    that{{th}+t+} cawsse why that homeward I me drawe
3    Ande fle the presse of courtes{es} wher soo they goo

4    Rathar then to lyve . thrall vnder the awe
5    of lordly lokes wrappid with{w+t+}in my cloke
6    to will & lust lerning to set A lawe

7    It is not for becawsse I skorne or moke
8    the{{th}+e+} powar of them / to whome fortune hath lent
9    charge over vs / of Right to strike the stroke

10    But trwe it is / that I have allwais ment
11    lesse to estime them then the com{_o}mon sort
12    {{th}+er+}{es}  off owtward thinges that Iuge in their intent

13    with{w+t+}owt Regarde what dothe inwarde resort
14    I grawnt sumtime that of glorye the fyar
15    dothe twyche my hart / my lyst not to report

16    blame by . honowr / And honour to desyar
17    but how may I this honour now Atayne
18    that{{th}+t+} cannot dy the coloure blake A lyer

19    My poyntz I cannot from me tune to fayne
20    to cloke the trothe / for praisse with{w+t+}owt desart
21    of them that lyst all vice for to retayne

22    I camot honour them that{es}{{th}+t+}  cannot  settes their part
23    with{w+t+} venus And baccus all theire lyf long
24    nor holld my pece / of them allthoo I smart

25    II cannot crowche nor knelle . to do so grete A wrong
26    to worship them lyke gode . on erthe Alone
27    thar ar As wollffes{es} thes sely lambes{es}  among

28    I cannot speke and loke lyke A saynct
29    vse willes{es} for witt / & make deceyt A plesure
30    And call crafft coumsell counsel  for proffet styll to paint

f. [86r] 

31    I Cannot wrest the law / to fill the coffer
32    with{w+t+} innocent blode to fede my sellff ffat
33    ande doo most hurt / where most hellp I offer

34    I am not he that can / Alow the state
35    off him Cesar / And dam cato to dye
36    that with{w+t+} is dethe / dyd skape owt off the gate

37    {es}{es} From Cesares handes if lyve donnot lye
38    ande wolld not lyve / whar lyberty was lost
39    so dyd is hart the comonn wele aplye

40    I am not he shuch eloquence to boste
41    to make the crow singing As the swane
42    nor call the lyond of cowardes{es} bestes{es}  the moste

43    That cannot take A mous / As the cat can
44    ande he that dithe / for hungar of the golld
45    call him Alessaundre . And say that pan

46    Passithe Apollo in musike many folld
47    praysse syr thopias for A nobyll talle
48    and skorne the story that the knyght tolld

49    PPraysse him for counsell / that{{th}+t+} is drounkin of alle Ale
50    {{th}+e+}{es} gryn when he lawghes that berithe all the swaye
51    frowne when he frownes{es} / & grone when he is pale

52    On others lust to hang bothe night & daye
53    {u'}{es} None of thes poyntes wolld neuer frame in me
54    my wyt is nowght I cannot leane the wey

55    {t'}{es} Ande myche the lesse of thinges that greter be
56    that{{th}+t+} asken hellp of colours of deuysse
57    to Ioyne the mene / with{w+t+} eche extremyte

58    {{th}+e+}{w+t+} Wwith the nyryst vartwe to cloke Allway the vise
59    ande as to porposse / lyke wisse yt shall fall
60    to presse the vertwe that{{th}+t+} it may not Ryse

f. [86v] 

61    As dronkennesse good fellyship to call
62    the frendly foo with{w+t+} is dobill face
63    {w+t+}{{th}+er+} say he is gentill and cowrtesse therewithall

64    And say that favell hathe A goodly grace
65    in eloquence . and crwelte to name
66    zelle of Iustice and chaunge in time & place

67    And he that suffrith offence with{w+t+}owt blame
68    call hm him pytyfull & him trwe & plaine
69    that raylyth rekles to euer{u'}y mans shame

70    Say he is Rude that cannot ly & faine
71    the leccher A louor / and tyranny
72    to be the Right of A pryncis Rayne

73    I cannot I :. no no :. yt will not be1
74    this ys the cawsse that I wolld neuer{u'} yet
75    {{th}+t+}{{th}+er+} hang on their slyves / that waye as thow may se

76    A chyp of chaunce more then A pound of wit
77    this makithe me Att home to hunt and hawke
78    And in fowlle wether At my boke to syt

79    In frost & snow then with{w+t+} my bow to stalke
80    no man dothe marke whereso I ryde or go
81    In lustie lees at libretie I walke.

82    And of theire newis I fele no wele nor woo.
83    Save that a clogg dothe hang yet at my hele /
84    no force for that for it is ordred so.

85    That I maye leape / bothe hedge and diche full wele.
86    I am not now in fraunce to Iudge the wyne
87    what saverye sauce theis delicates{es} to fele

88    Nor yet in{_i} spaine where on must him{_i}  incline
89    rather then{_e} to be vtterlye to seme
90    {{th}+t+}{es} {w+t+} I meddle not with wyttesthat be so fine

f. [87r] 

91    {es}{d'} No flaunders cherere lettes not me sight to deme
92    of blak and whit nor takes{es} my wyt awaye
93    {es}{w+t+}  with bestelynesse they bestes do esteme

94    Nor I am not where christ is gyven in praye
95    for momnye money  / poison / and treson at rome
96    {p'}{_o} {_o} a Commonpractise vsid2 night and daye

97    But here I am in kent . and christendome
98    amonges{es} the muses where I rede and Ryme
99    where if thou list my poyzz for to come
100    Thou shalte be Iudge I howe I do spende my tyme


Notes & Glosses[edit | edit source]

     1. The midline dots are pyramidal.
     2. The scribe reverts to his habitual spelling practice of id suffixes.

Commentary[edit | edit source]

Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt,[1] this poem was entered by H8. The poem also appears in Tottel's Miscellany under the title “Of the Courtiers life written to Iohn Poins” (item 125).[2] For his lyric, Wyatt adapted Luigi Alamanni’s satire Io ui diro (c. 1532). John Poyntz was a member of Henry VIII’s court and was in all probability Wyatt's friend. Rebholz mentions that this poem was probably written after Wyatt was released from prison in 1536.[3] H8 groups three poems that make allusions to the abuse of power of those who rule and to deceitful friends. Two other poems in the manuscript personify Desire as well: in “Cruell desire my master and my foo” (73r) the speaker speaks out against the tyrannical ruler Desire, and in “Greting to you bothe yn hertye wyse” (79r) the speaker cautions against false supporters. In “My nowne Iohn poyntz,” the narrator protests directly against the tyranny of power and the lack of freedom of subjects; he prefers to isolate himself in the country away from the flattering, deceitful court.

H8 seems conscious of the structure of the poem and emphasizes the terza rima form, though inconsistently, by using capital letters of differing sizes to mark stanza divisions. The scribe also seems to plan out the transcription of this lengthy poem by copying 30 lines on each page. Three lines that appear in other witnesses between lines 27 and 28 are omitted in this particular version.

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Textual Notes[edit | edit source]

Texts Collated[edit | edit source]

AAH09, L36529_04, LEge24, CCor16801, STC13860_16

Collation[edit | edit source]

1      My] Myne AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 MYne STC_13860_16     My nowne Iohn poyntz . sins ye delight to know]  LEge24     nowne] owne AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     Iohn poyntz] I. P. AAH09 I. I. P. L36529_04 Ihon poyntz CCor16801     poyntz .] Poyns: STC_13860_16     ye] you AAH09     ye delight] you delite L36529_04     delight] delite STC_13860_16 CCor16801     know] knowe AAH09 L36529_04 
2      that] the AAH09 L36529_04     that cawsse why that homeward I me drawe]  LEge24     that cawsse] The causes STC_13860_16 the causes CCor16801     cawsse] cawse AAH09 L36529_04     why] whye AAH09 whie L36529_04     homeward] homweard AAH09 whomeward L36529_04     I] I do AAH09 L36529_04     drawe] draw AAH09 draw, STC_13860_16 
3      Ande] and AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 >And STC_13860_16     Ande fle the presse of courtes wher soo they goo]  LEge24     fle] flye AAH09 flee L36529_04 CCor16801     presse] preace AAH09 prese L36529_04 prease STC_13860_16     of] off CCor16801     courtes] Coortes AAH09 courtes, STC_13860_16     wher] where STC_13860_16 CCor16801     wher soo] whearso AAH09 wherso L36529_04     soo] so STC_13860_16 CCor16801     they] I CCor16801     goo] go AAH09 goe L36529_04 go: STC_13860_16 
4      Rathar] Rather AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     Rathar then to lyve . thrall vnder the awe]  LEge24     then] than AAH09 L36529_04     lyve .] lyve AAH09 liue L36529_04 STC_13860_16 lyue CCor16801     thrall] thralle L36529_04     awe] awe, STC_13860_16 
5      of] Of STC_13860_16     of lordly lokes wrappid within my cloke]  LEge24     lordly] Lordlye AAH09 lordely L36529_04     lokes] lookes AAH09 lokes, STC_13860_16     lokes wrappid] lookes / wrapped CCor16801     wrappid] wrapped AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16     cloke] Cloke AAH09 cloke, STC_13860_16 
6      to] To STC_13860_16     to will & lust lerning to set A lawe]  LEge24     will &] wyll and CCor16801     & lust] and Lust, AAH09 and lust, L36529_04     & lust lerning] and lust learnyng STC_13860_16     lerning] learning AAH09 L36529_04 lernyng CCor16801     set] sett AAH09     A] a AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     lawe] lowe AAH09 L36529_04 law: STC_13860_16 
7      It is not for becawsse I skorne or moke]  LEge24     not for] not AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 not, STC_13860_16     becawsse] because AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 bycawse CCor16801     skorne] scorne AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     moke] mocke AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801 
8      the] The STC_13860_16     the powar of them / to whome fortune hath lent]  LEge24     powar] powre AAH09 power L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     them /] them AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 them: STC_13860_16     whome] whom L36529_04 STC_13860_16     fortune] powre AAH09 fortune here STC_13860_16 
9      charge] chardge AAH09 charg L36529_04 Charge STC_13860_16     charge over vs / of Right to strike the stroke]  LEge24     over] ouer L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     vs /] vs AAH09 us L36529_04 vs, STC_13860_16 CCor16801     Right] right AAH09 L36529_04 ryght STC_13860_16 CCor16801     to strike the stroke] to stroke to strike to strik ye stroke CCor16801     strike] stryke AAH09     stroke] stroke. STC_13860_16 
10      But] but AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801     But trwe it is / that I have allwais ment]  LEge24     trwe] trew AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 true STC_13860_16     is /] is AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 is, STC_13860_16     I have allwais] y haue allwaies CCor16801     have] haue AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16     allwais] ever AAH09 allwaies L36529_04 alwayes STC_13860_16 
11      lesse] Lesse AAH09 STC_13860_16     lesse to estime them then the common sort]  LEge24     to estime] to'esteme them, STC_13860_16     estime] esteeme AAH09 esteme L36529_04 CCor16801     them] them, STC_13860_16     then] than L36529_04     common] Commune CCor16801     sort] sorte AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 
12      off] of AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 Of STC_13860_16     off owtward thinges that Iuge in their intent]  LEge24     owtward] outward STC_13860_16 owtwarde CCor16801     thinges] things L36529_04 thinges: STC_13860_16     Iuge] iudge AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 iuge CCor16801     their] theire L36529_04     intent] entent AAH09 entent, STC_13860_16 
13      withowt] Without AAH09 STC_13860_16 with owt L36529_04     withowt Regarde what dothe inwarde resort]  LEge24     Regarde] regarde AAH09 L36529_04 regard CCor16801     Regarde what dothe inwarde resort] regard, what inward doth resort. STC_13860_16     what] that CCor16801     inwarde] inward AAH09 L36529_04     resort] resorte AAH09 L36529_04 
14      I grawnt sumtime that of glorye the fyar]  LEge24     grawnt] graunt AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 graunt, STC_13860_16     sumtime] somtyme AAH09 CCor16801 sometime STC_13860_16     that of glorye] of glory that STC_13860_16     glorye] glory L36529_04     fyar] fyre AAH09 fier L36529_04 fire STC_13860_16 fyer CCor16801 
15      dothe] doth AAH09 L36529_04     dothe twyche my hart / my lyst not to report]  LEge24     dothe twyche] Doth touch STC_13860_16     twyche] touche AAH09 CCor16801 touch L36529_04     hart /] hart AAH09 L36529_04 hart. STC_13860_16 harte CCor16801     my lyst] me list AAH09 melist L36529_04 Me list STC_13860_16 and me lust CCor16801     not to report] not repent CCor16801     report] reporte AAH09 L36529_04 
16      blame] Blame STC_13860_16     blame by . honowr / And honour to desyar]  LEge24     by .] by AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     honowr /] honour AAH09 CCor16801 honor L36529_04 honour, STC_13860_16     And] and AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     honour] honor L36529_04     desyar] desyre AAH09 desier L36529_04 CCor16801 desire. STC_13860_16 
17      but] But STC_13860_16     but how may I this honour now Atayne]  LEge24     how] howe CCor16801     I] I nowe AAH09 I now L36529_04     honour] honor L36529_04     now Atayne] attaine AAH09 assaigne L36529_04     Atayne] attaine? STC_13860_16 attayne CCor16801 
18      that] That STC_13860_16     that cannot dy the coloure blake A lyer]  AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24     cannot] can not STC_13860_16     dy] dye STC_13860_16 CCor16801     coloure] colour STC_13860_16 CCor16801     blake] blacke STC_13860_16 of blake CCor16801     A] a STC_13860_16 CCor16801     lyer] lyer. STC_13860_16 
19      My poyntz I cannot from me tune to fayne]  AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24     poyntz] Poyns, STC_13860_16     cannot] can not STC_13860_16     from me] frame my STC_13860_16 CCor16801     tune] tonge CCor16801     fayne] fayne: STC_13860_16 
20      to] To STC_13860_16     to cloke the trothe / for praisse withowt desart]  LEge24     trothe /] truthe AAH09 truth L36529_04 truth, STC_13860_16 trewthe CCor16801     praisse] prayse AAH09 STC_13860_16 CCor16801 praise L36529_04     withowt] without AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     desart] desert AAH09 CCor16801 desert, STC_13860_16 
21      of] Of STC_13860_16 CCor16801     of them that lyst all vice for to retayne]  LEge24     lyst] list AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 lust CCor16801     vice] vyce AAH09 uice L36529_04 nice STC_13860_16 vices CCor16801     for to] to CCor16801     retayne] retaine AAH09 L36529_04 retaine. STC_13860_16 
22      I camotcannot honour them that settes their part]  LEge24     camotcannot] can not AAH09 STC_13860_16 cannot L36529_04 Cannot CCor16801     honour] honor L36529_04     them] them, STC_13860_16 them them CCor16801     settes] set STC_13860_16 sett CCor16801     part] parte AAH09 L36529_04 
23      with] With AAH09 STC_13860_16 wythe CCor16801     with venus And baccus all theire lyf long]  LEge24     venus] Venus AAH09 Venus, STC_13860_16     And baccus] and Backus AAH09 L36529_04 and Bacchus, STC_13860_16 and bacchus CCor16801     theire] their AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     lyf] lif AAH09 life L36529_04 STC_13860_16 lyfe CCor16801     long] longe AAH09 CCor16801 long, L36529_04 long: STC_13860_16 
24      nor] Nor STC_13860_16     nor holld my pece / of them allthoo I smart]  LEge24     holld] holde AAH09 STC_13860_16 hold L36529_04 hollde CCor16801     pece /] peace AAH09 STC_13860_16 CCor16801 pease L36529_04     of] off CCor16801     them] theim L36529_04 them STC_13860_16     allthoo] though that AAH09 L36529_04 although STC_13860_16 althoughe CCor16801     smart] smarte L36529_04 smart; L36529_04 smart. STC_13860_16 
25      II] I AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     II cannot crowche nor knelle . to do so grete A wrong]  LEge24     cannot] can not AAH09 STC_13860_16     crowche] crouch, L36529_04 crouch STC_13860_16 crouche CCor16801     knelle .] kneele AAH09 kneale L36529_04 knele STC_13860_16 CCor16801     to do so grete A wrong] nor do suche wrong CCor16801     do so grete A wrong] such a wrong: STC_13860_16     grete] great AAH09 L36529_04     A] a AAH09 L36529_04     wrong] wronge AAH09 
26      to] To STC_13860_16     to worship them lyke gode . on erthe Alone]  LEge24     worship] wurchippe CCor16801     them] theim L36529_04     lyke] as AAH09 like STC_13860_16 CCor16801     gode .] god AAH09 L36529_04 God CCor16801     gode . on erthe Alone] God on earth alone: STC_13860_16     erthe] earthe AAH09 earth L36529_04     Alone] alone AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 alone; L36529_04 
27      thar] that AAH09 L36529_04     thar ar As wollffes thes sely lambes among]  LEge24     thar ar As wollffes] That are as wolues STC_13860_16 that are like wolfes CCor16801     ar As wollffes thes sely] are as woolves theise sillie AAH09     As wollffes thes sely] as wolues theise sillie L36529_04     thes] these STC_13860_16     lambes] lambs AAH09 Lambes CCor16801     among] among. STC_13860_16 
27.1      ] I can not with wordes complayne and mone AAH09 I cannot with wourdes complain and mone, L36529_04 I can not with my wordes complaine and mone, STC_13860_16 I cannot with my worde complayne and mone CCor16801 
27.2      ] And suffer nought: nor smart without complaynt: STC_13860_16 and suffer nought / nor smart wythout complaynt CCor16801 
27.3      ] Nor turne the worde that from my mouth is gone. STC_13860_16 Nor torne the worde that from my mouthe is gone CCor16801 
28      I cannot speke and loke lyke A saynct]  AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24     cannot] can not STC_13860_16     speke] speake STC_13860_16 CCor16801     and loke lyke A saynct] with loke ryght as a saynt CCor16801     lyke] like STC_13860_16     A saynct] as a saynt: STC_13860_16 
29      vse] Vse STC_13860_16     vse willes for witt / & make deceyt A plesure]  LEge24     willes] wyles AAH09 CCor16801 wiles L36529_04 STC_13860_16     witt /] witt AAH09 wit L36529_04 wit, STC_13860_16 wytt CCor16801     & make deceyt A] and make disceate a AAH09 and make disceite a L36529_04 and make disceyt a STC_13860_16 and vse deceyt a CCor16801     plesure] pleasure AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 pleasure: STC_13860_16 
30      And] and AAH09 L36529_04  STC_13860_16     And call crafft coumsellcounsell for proffet styll to paint]  LEge24     call] Call STC_13860_16     crafft] crafte AAH09 craft, L36529_04 craft STC_13860_16 CCor16801     coumsellcounsell] Counsaile AAH09 counsall, CCor16801     coumsellcounsell for proffet] counsaile, for profitte L36529_04 counsaile, for lucre STC_13860_16     proffet] profitt AAH09 profit CCor16801     styll] still AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     paint] paynt AAH09 CCor16801 paint, L36529_04 paint. STC_13860_16 
31      I Cannot wrest the law / to fill the coffer]  LEge24     Cannot] can not AAH09 STC_13860_16 cannnot L36529_04 cannot CCor16801     law /] law AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 lawe CCor16801     coffer] Cofer AAH09 coffer: STC_13860_16 cofer CCor16801 
32      fill] fyll CCor16801     with] With STC_13860_16     with innocent blode to fede my sellff ffat]  LEge24     blode] bloud AAH09 STC_13860_16 bloode L36529_04     fede] feede AAH09 feade L36529_04     sellff] selfe L36529_04     sellff ffat] self fatt AAH09 selfe fatte: STC_13860_16 selfe fatte CCor16801     ffat] fat L36529_04 
33      ande] and AAH09 L36529_04     ande doo most hurt / where most hellp I offer]  LEge24     ande doo] And do STC_13860_16 and do CCor16801     doo] do L36529_04     doo most hurt / where most hellp] do my self hurt wheare my self AAH09     hurt /] hurt L36529_04 hurt: STC_13860_16 hurte CCor16801     where] where that STC_13860_16     most hellp] my selfe L36529_04 moste helpe CCor16801     hellp] helpe STC_13860_16     offer] offer: L36529_04 offer. STC_13860_16 
34      I am not he that can / Alow the state]  LEge24     he] he, STC_13860_16     can / Alow] can allowe AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 can alowe STC_13860_16 
35      off him Cesar / And dam] of highe Cesar and dampne AAH09 of high Cesar and dampne L36529_04 Of hye Ceasar, and damne STC_13860_16     off him Cesar / And dam cato to dye]  LEge24     Cesar / And dam cato to dye] Caesar and Catho deme to dye /[gap][/gap] and deme cato to dy CCor16801     cato] Cato AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16     dye] die AAH09 L36529_04 dye: STC_13860_16 
36      that] That STC_13860_16     that with is dethe / dyd skape owt off the gate]  LEge24     with] by CCor16801     is dethe / dyd skape owt] his deathe dide escape out CCor16801     is dethe / dyd skape owt off] his death did scape out of AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16     gate] gate, STC_13860_16 
37      From] from AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801     From Cesares handes if lyve donnot lye]  LEge24     Cesares] Cesars AAH09 L36529_04 Ceasars STC_13860_16 caesars CCor16801     handes] hands AAH09 handes, STC_13860_16 hand CCor16801     if lyve donnot lye] (if Liuie doth not lie.) L36529_04     lyve] Livie AAH09 Liuye STC_13860_16 livye CCor16801     donnot] do not AAH09 doth not STC_13860_16 did not CCor16801     lye] lye: STC_13860_16 
38      ande] and AAH09 L36529_04 And STC_13860_16 CCor16801     ande wolld not lyve / whar lyberty was lost]  LEge24     wolld] will AAH09 would STC_13860_16 wold CCor16801     wolld not lyve / whar lyberty] willwould not liue where libertie L36529_04     lyve / whar] lyve wheare AAH09     lyve / whar lyberty] liue, where libertie STC_13860_16 lyue wher Libertye CCor16801     lyberty] lybertie AAH09     lost] lost, STC_13860_16 
39      so dyd is] So did his AAH09 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     so dyd is hart the comonn wele aplye]  LEge24     dyd is] did his L36529_04     comonn] Common AAH09 comon L36529_04 CCor16801 common STC_13860_16     wele] weale AAH09 L36529_04     wele aplye] wealth apply. STC_13860_16 welthe applye CCor16801     aplye] applie AAH09 L36529_04 
40      I am not he shuch eloquence to boste]  LEge24     am] ame CCor16801     he] he, STC_13860_16     shuch] suche AAH09 CCor16801 sutche L36529_04 such STC_13860_16     eloquence] eloquens L36529_04     boste] bost L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801 bost: STC_13860_16 
41      to] To STC_13860_16     to make the crow singing As the swane]  LEge24     make the crow singing As the swane] marke the singing crowe as the swanne CCor16801     crow] Crowe AAH09 crowe L36529_04 crow in STC_13860_16     singing] singyng, STC_13860_16     As] as AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16     swane] Swanne AAH09 swanne, L36529_04 swanne: STC_13860_16 
42      nor] Nor STC_13860_16     nor call the lyond of cowardes bestes the moste]  LEge24     call] calle L36529_04     lyond] lyon AAH09 STC_13860_16     lyond of cowardes] lion of coward of L36529_04 lyon off coward CCor16801     cowardes] Coward AAH09 coward STC_13860_16     bestes] beastes AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16     moste] most, L36529_04 most. STC_13860_16 most CCor16801 
43      That] that AAH09 L36529_04     That cannot take A mous / As the cat can]  LEge24     cannot] can not AAH09 STC_13860_16     A mous / As the cat] a mowce as the Catt AAH09     A mous / As] a mouce as L36529_04 a mouse as STC_13860_16 a mouse as CCor16801     cat] catt CCor16801     can] can; L36529_04 can. STC_13860_16 
44      ande] and AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 And STC_13860_16     ande he that dithe / for hungar of the golld]  LEge24     dithe /] dieth L36529_04 STC_13860_16 diethe CCor16801     dithe / for hungar] dyeth for Hunger AAH09     of the golld] off gold CCor16801     hungar] hunger L36529_04 honger STC_13860_16     golld] golde AAH09 L36529_04 golde, STC_13860_16 
45      call] Call STC_13860_16 CCor16801     call him Alessaundre . And say that pan]  LEge24     him Alessaundre . And] hym Alexander and AAH09     Alessaundre . And] Alexander, and L36529_04 STC_13860_16 Alexander and CCor16801     say] saye CCor16801     pan] Pan AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 
46      Passithe] passeth AAH09 L36529_04 Passeth STC_13860_16 passeth CCor16801     Passithe Apollo in musike many folld]  LEge24     Apollo] appollo AAH09 Appollo L36529_04 STC_13860_16     musike] mvsyke AAH09 musicke L36529_04     many folld] many folde AAH09 manyfold; L36529_04 manifold: STC_13860_16 many a fold CCor16801 
47      praysse] prayse AAH09 praise L36529_04 Praise STC_13860_16 prayes CCor16801     praysse syr thopias for A nobyll talle]  LEge24     syr] Sir L36529_04 sir CCor16801     syr thopias for A nobyll] Sir Topas for a noble AAH09     thopias] Topias L36529_04 Topas STC_13860_16 thopas CCor16801     A nobyll talle] a noble taile, L36529_04 a noble tale, STC_13860_16 a noble tale CCor16801     talle] tale AAH09 
48      and] And STC_13860_16     and skorne the story that the knyght tolld]  LEge24     skorne] scorne AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     the] the the L36529_04     story] storye AAH09 CCor16801     knyght] knight AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     tolld] tolde AAH09 told L36529_04 tolde: STC_13860_16 
49      PPraysse] praise L36529_04 Praise LEge24 Prayse STC_13860_16 prayse CCor16801     PPraysse him for counsell /] prayse hym for Counsaile AAH09     counsell /] counsaile L36529_04 counceill LEge24 counsell, STC_13860_16 counsall CCor16801     drounkin] dronck AAH09 droncke LEge24 dronke STC_13860_16     drounkin of alle Ale] dronke asale of ale; L36529_04 dronke off Ale CCor16801     alle Ale] ale AAH09 LEge24 ale: STC_13860_16 
50      gryn] grynne AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 Grinne STC_13860_16 Grynne CCor16801     lawghes] laughes, AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 laugheth LEge24 CCor16801     berithe] bereth LEge24 beareth STC_13860_16 beres CCor16801     berithe all] beareth AAH09 L36529_04     swaye] sway, L36529_04 sway: STC_13860_16 
51      frowne] ffrowne AAH09 froune, L36529_04 frown LEge24 Frowne, STC_13860_16     frownes /] frowneth, AAH09 CCor16801 frouneth, L36529_04 frowneth LEge24 frownes: STC_13860_16     &] and AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     he is] heis L36529_04 he LEge24     pale] pale, L36529_04 pale: STC_13860_16 
52      On] on AAH09 L36529_04 In LEge24     others] othres LEge24     lust] lustes AAH09 L36529_04     bothe] both AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 boeth LEge24     night] nyght LEge24     night &] day and night and AAH09     night & daye] day and night, L36529_04     &] and CCor16801     & daye] and day. STC_13860_16     daye] day AAH09 
53      None] none AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24     None of] non off CCor16801     thes] theise AAH09 these L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16     poyntes wolld] points will L36529_04 poyntz wyll CCor16801     wolld] would LEge24 STC_13860_16     wolld neuer] will ever AAH09     neuer] euer L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801 ever LEge24     in] wyth CCor16801     me] me: L36529_04 me. STC_13860_16 
54      my wyt] My wit STC_13860_16 My witt CCor16801     wyt] witt AAH09 wit L36529_04 LEge24     nowght] nawght AAH09 naught L36529_04 nought LEge24 CCor16801 nought, STC_13860_16     cannot] can not AAH09 STC_13860_16     leane] learne AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 lerne LEge24     the wey] to waye AAH09 to way L36529_04     wey] waye LEge24 CCor16801 way. STC_13860_16 
55      Ande] and AAH09 And LEge24 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     Ande myche] and mutch L36529_04     myche] moche AAH09 CCor16801 much LEge24 STC_13860_16     of] off CCor16801     thinges] things L36529_04     greter] greatter AAH09 greater L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16 greatest CCor16801     be] bee; L36529_04 be, STC_13860_16 
56      that] then LEge24 That STC_13860_16     asken] aske AAH09 L36529_04     hellp] helpp AAH09 helpe L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16     of colours] of of Coullours AAH09     of] to AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16     deuysse] devyse AAH09 deuise L36529_04 STC_13860_16 devise LEge24 
57      to] To STC_13860_16     Ioyne] ioyne AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16     mene /] meane AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 mene LEge24     eche] eache AAH09 each L36529_04 ech STC_13860_16     extremyte] extreamytie AAH09 extremitie L36529_04 LEge24 extremitie: STC_13860_16 
58      Wwith] with AAH09 L36529_04 With LEge24 STC_13860_16     the nyryst vartwe] nearest vertue ay STC_13860_16     nyryst] neryst LEge24     nyryst vartwe] nearest vertue, AAH09 nearest uertue L36529_04     vartwe] vertue LEge24     Allway] all way AAH09 alway L36529_04 alwaye LEge24  STC_13860_16     vise] vyce AAH09 vice, L36529_04 vice. STC_13860_16 
59      ande] and AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 And STC_13860_16     porposse /] purpose AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 pourpose LEge24     lyke wisse yt] likewise it STC_13860_16     lyke] like L36529_04 LEge24     wisse] wise L36529_04 LEge24     wisse yt] wyse it AAH09     yt] it L36529_04 LEge24     fall] fall: STC_13860_16 
60      to] To STC_13860_16     presse] expresse LEge24     vertwe] vertue AAH09 LEge24 STC_13860_16 uertue L36529_04     Ryse] ryse AAH09 rise, L36529_04 rise LEge24 rise. STC_13860_16 
60.1      ] And as to purpose likewise it shall fall, STC_13860_16 
60.2      ] To presse the vertue that it may not rise. STC_13860_16 
61      As] as AAH09 L36529_04     dronkennesse] droncknenes AAH09 dronkennes L36529_04 dronkenes LEge24 dronkynnes CCor16801     good] goode LEge24     fellyship] fellowship AAH09 L36529_04 felloweshipp LEge24 felowship STC_13860_16 felowschippe CCor16801     call] call, L36529_04 call: STC_13860_16 
62      the] The STC_13860_16     foo] foe AAH09 L36529_04 ffoo LEge24     foo with is dobill face] foe, with his faire double face, STC_13860_16     is dobill] his doble AAH09 his dowble LEge24 his double CCor16801     is dobill face] his dowble face, L36529_04 
63      say] Say STC_13860_16 CCor16801     he] this CCor16801     gentill] gentell AAH09 gentle STC_13860_16 CCor16801     gentill and cowrtesse therewithall] gentle snd curteis therwithall, L36529_04     and cowrtesse] & courtois LEge24     cowrtesse] curtyse AAH09 curties STC_13860_16 curteis CCor16801     therewithall] there with all AAH09 therewithall. STC_13860_16 therwithall CCor16801 
64      And] and CCor16801     And say] and AAH09 L36529_04 Affirme STC_13860_16     favell] fauell L36529_04 STC_13860_16     hathe] hath AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16     A] a AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     goodly] goodlye AAH09     grace] grace, STC_13860_16 
65      in] In L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     eloquence .] eloquence AAH09 LEge24 eloquens, L36529_04 eloquence: STC_13860_16 eloquence / CCor16801     and crwelte] And cruelty STC_13860_16 And crueltye CCor16801     crwelte] creweltie AAH09 crueltie L36529_04 LEge24 
66      zelle] zeale AAH09 Zeale L36529_04 STC_13860_16 zele LEge24     zelle of Iustice] Zeale off iustice, CCor16801     Iustice] iustice AAH09 iustice, L36529_04 Iustice: STC_13860_16     and] And STC_13860_16     chaunge] chang L36529_04 change STC_13860_16 CCor16801     time] tyme AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 CCor16801     &] and AAH09 CCor16801     & place] and place, L36529_04 and place. STC_13860_16 
67      And] and AAH09 L36529_04     suffrith] suffreth AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801 sufferth LEge24     withowt] without AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 withoute LEge24 withoutt STC_13860_16     blame] blame: STC_13860_16 
68      call] Call STC_13860_16     hm him] him L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     hm him pytyfull & him trwe &] hym pitifull and hym trew and AAH09     pytyfull] pitifull, L36529_04 STC_13860_16 pitefull LEge24 pityfull CCor16801     &] and L36529_04 STC_13860_16 And CCor16801     trwe] trewe L36529_04 CCor16801 true LEge24 STC_13860_16     &] and L36529_04     & plaine] and plaine, STC_13860_16     plaine] playne AAH09 CCor16801 playn LEge24 
69      that] That STC_13860_16     raylyth] raileth AAH09 LEge24 rayleth L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     rekles] recklesse AAH09 recklis L36529_04 recheles CCor16801     rekles to euery] rechlesse vnto ech STC_13860_16     euery] every AAH09 LEge24     mans] manes CCor16801     shame] shame; L36529_04 shame. STC_13860_16 
70      Say] say L36529_04     Rude] rude AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 CCor16801 rude, STC_13860_16     cannot] can not AAH09 STC_13860_16     ly] lye LEge24     ly &] lye and AAH09 CCor16801     ly & faine] lye and faine, L36529_04 lye and faine: STC_13860_16     faine] fayne AAH09 CCor16801 fayn LEge24 
71      the] The STC_13860_16     leccher] lethcer L36529_04 letcher LEge24 STC_13860_16     leccher A louor / and tyranny] Lecher a lover and tyrrannye AAH09 lecher a louer / And tyrannye CCor16801     A] a L36529_04 STC_13860_16     A louor / and tyranny] a lover and tirannye LEge24     louor /] louer, L36529_04 STC_13860_16     tyranny] tirranye L36529_04 
72      to] To STC_13860_16     Right] right AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16     Right of] ryght off CCor16801     A] a LEge24 STC_13860_16     A pryncis Rayne] a Princes raigne AAH09 L36529_04 a princes rayne CCor16801     pryncis] prynces LEge24 Prynces STC_13860_16     Rayne] reigne LEge24 rayghne. STC_13860_16 
73      I cannot I] I can not I, AAH09 I cannot I L36529_04 I can not, I STC_13860_16     :. no no :. yt] nor it AAH09 no nor yet L36529_04 no no it LEge24 no, no, it STC_13860_16 no no it CCor16801     will] wyll CCor16801     be] be: L36529_04 be. STC_13860_16 
74      this] This STC_13860_16     ys] is AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     cawsse] cause AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16     cawsse that] cause CCor16801     wolld] wold AAH09 L36529_04 could LEge24 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     neuer] never AAH09 LEge24 
75      hang] Hang STC_13860_16     their] theire L36529_04     slyves /] sleeves AAH09 sleues, L36529_04 slevis LEge24 sleues CCor16801     slyves / that waye as thow may se] sleues, that weygh (as tough mayst se) STC_13860_16     waye] way L36529_04 LEge24     thow] thou L36529_04 LEge24     may] maist LEge24     may se] maist see AAH09 mayst see L36529_04 CCor16801 
76      A chyp] a Chipp AAH09 a chip L36529_04     chyp] chypp LEge24 chippe STC_13860_16 CCor16801     chaunce] chance STC_13860_16     then] than AAH09 L36529_04     A] a AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16     A pound] a pownde LEge24 CCor16801     pound] pounde STC_13860_16     wit] witt AAH09 witt: L36529_04 wit. LEge24 wytt CCor16801 
77      this] This L36529_04 STC_13860_16     makithe] maketh AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     Att] , at AAH09 at LEge24 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     Att home] at whome L36529_04     hunt and] hounte & to LEge24     hawke] hauke, L36529_04 hauke: STC_13860_16 hauke CCor16801 
78      And] and AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 CCor16801     fowlle] fowle AAH09 LEge24 STC_13860_16 foule L36529_04 the fowle CCor16801     wether] weather AAH09     wether At] weder at LEge24     At] at AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     boke] booke AAH09 LEge24 book CCor16801     syt] sytt AAH09 CCor16801 sit L36529_04 sitt LEge24 sit: STC_13860_16 
79      In] in AAH09     &] and AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801     & snow] and snow, STC_13860_16     snow] snowe AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24     with my bow to stalke] at my book to sitt with my bowe to stalke CCor16801     bow] bowe AAH09 L36529_04     stalke] stawke LEge24 stalke; L36529_04 stalke. STC_13860_16 
80      no] No STC_13860_16     dothe] doth AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 doeth LEge24     whereso] wheare that AAH09 where L36529_04 where so LEge24 STC_13860_16 wher to CCor16801     I] that i L36529_04     ryde] ride L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16     go] goe AAH09 goe; L36529_04 goo LEge24 CCor16801 go. STC_13860_16 
81      In] in AAH09     In lustie] in lusty LEge24 CCor16801     lustie] Lustie AAH09 lusty STC_13860_16     lees] leases AAH09 L36529_04 leas STC_13860_16     libretie] lybertie AAH09 L36529_04 liberte LEge24 libertie STC_13860_16 CCor16801     walke.] walke AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 CCor16801 walke: STC_13860_16 
82      And] and AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801     of] off CCor16801     theire] these AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16 thes CCor16801     newis] newes AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     fele] feele AAH09 feale L36529_04 fole LEge24     no] nother AAH09 nether L36529_04 nor LEge24 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     wele] weale AAH09 STC_13860_16 well L36529_04 CCor16801     nor] ne CCor16801     woo.] woe AAH09 woo, L36529_04 woo LEge24 CCor16801 wo: STC_13860_16 
83      Save] saue L36529_04 CCor16801 sauf LEge24 Saue STC_13860_16     that] of CCor16801     clogg] clogge L36529_04 STC_13860_16     dothe] doth AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 doeth LEge24     dothe hang yet at my hele /] that yet doth hang at my heele CCor16801     yet] yet still AAH09     hele /] heele AAH09 heale, L36529_04 hele LEge24 heele. STC_13860_16 
84      no] No STC_13860_16     no force] noforce L36529_04     force] fors CCor16801     that] that, AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16     ordred] ordered AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24     so.] so AAH09 LEge24 soe, L36529_04 so: STC_13860_16  CCor16801 
85      That] that AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801     maye] may AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     leape /] leap AAH09 leape L36529_04 STC_13860_16 lepe LEge24 leppe CCor16801     bothe] both AAH09 STC_13860_16 boeth LEge24     and diche] & dike LEge24     diche] dytche AAH09 dike STC_13860_16     wele.] well AAH09 LEge24 well: L36529_04 wele, STC_13860_16 weelle CCor16801 
86      am] ame LEge24     now]  AAH09 L36529_04     fraunce] ffraunce LEge24 Fraunce, STC_13860_16 france CCor16801     Iudge] iudge AAH09 STC_13860_16 iudg L36529_04 iuge CCor16801     wyne] wine L36529_04 STC_13860_16 wine: STC_13860_16 
87      what saverye sauce theis] with saffry sauce they LEge24 Wyth sauory sawces thes CCor16801     what saverye] With savry STC_13860_16     saverye] sauerie L36529_04     sauce] sawce AAH09     theis] these AAH09 theise L36529_04 those STC_13860_16     delicates] dilicates CCor16801     fele] feele AAH09 CCor16801 fele; L36529_04 fele. STC_13860_16 
88      Nor] nor AAH09 not L36529_04     spaine] spayne AAH09 CCor16801 spaigne LEge24 Spaine STC_13860_16     where] wheare AAH09 wher CCor16801     on] one AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801 oon LEge24     him] hym AAH09     incline] enclyne AAH09 CCor16801 encline; L36529_04 inclyne LEge24 incline, STC_13860_16 
89      rather] Rather STC_13860_16     then] than AAH09 L36529_04     be] be, STC_13860_16     vtterlye] outwardlye AAH09 outwardly L36529_04 owtewerdly LEge24 outwardly STC_13860_16 owtwardly CCor16801     seme] seeme AAH09 CCor16801 seame, L36529_04 seme. STC_13860_16 
90 meddle] meddill LEge24 medle CCor16801     wyttes] wittes AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24     fine] fyne AAH09 LEge24 fine; L36529_04 fine, STC_13860_16 ffyne CCor16801 
91      No] nor AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 Nor LEge24 STC_13860_16     flaunders] fflaunders LEge24 Flaunders STC_13860_16 flannders CCor16801     cherere] cheere AAH09 chere L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801 chiere LEge24     lettes] letts L36529_04 letteth LEge24 CCor16801     not me] nat my L36529_04     me] my LEge24 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     me sight to deme] my wittes to dymmedeeme AAH09     sight] syght STC_13860_16 wyt CCor16801     deme] dime L36529_04 
92      of blak] Of blacke STC_13860_16 off black CCor16801     blak] black AAH09 LEge24     blak and whit] blacke nor white, L36529_04     and whit] nor whytt, AAH09 and whyght; CCor16801     whit] white LEge24 white, STC_13860_16 wyttes CCor16801     takes] taketh LEge24     wyt] wittes AAH09 L36529_04 STC_13860_16 wit LEge24     awaye] away L36529_04 STC_13860_16 
93      with] With AAH09 STC_13860_16     bestelynesse] beastlynesse, AAH09 beastlynes L36529_04 bestlynes LEge24 beastlinesse: STC_13860_16 bestlines CCor16801 they] the AAH09 L36529_04 those CCor16801     they bestes do esteme] such do those beastes esteme. STC_13860_16     bestes] beastes AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 beestes LEge24     do] so so AAH09 do so L36529_04 LEge24     esteme] esteeme AAH09 esteame: L36529_04 
94      Nor] nor AAH09 L36529_04     Nor I am not where] Nor am I wher CCor16801     am] ame LEge24     not] not, STC_13860_16     where] wheare AAH09 wher L36529_04     christ] Chryste AAH09 Christ L36529_04 CCor16801 Christe LEge24 truth STC_13860_16     gyven] geven AAH09 LEge24 geuen L36529_04 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     praye] pray AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 pray, STC_13860_16 
95      for momnyemonnye / poison /] For money, poyson, STC_13860_16 ffor mony poyson CCor16801     momnyemonnye / poison /] monye, poyson, AAH09 monye, poyson L36529_04 mony poisen LEge24     treson] treason AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 traison LEge24 treason: STC_13860_16     at] of STC_13860_16     rome] Rome AAH09 LEge24 CCor16801 Rome, L36529_04 some STC_13860_16 
96      a] A STC_13860_16     Common] common AAH09 STC_13860_16 commune LEge24     Common practise] comon place L36529_04 common prattice CCor16801     practise] plague AAH09 practise, STC_13860_16     vsid] vsed AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     night] nyght LEge24 STC_13860_16     daye] day AAH09 day: L36529_04 daie LEge24 day. STC_13860_16 
97      But] but AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801     here] heare AAH09 L36529_04     here I am] I am here STC_13860_16     am] ame LEge24     kent .] Kent AAH09 kent, L36529_04 kent LEge24 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     and] & LEge24     christendome] Christendome AAH09 Christendome, L36529_04 christendome: STC_13860_16 cristendome CCor16801 
98      amonges] among AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801 emong LEge24 Among STC_13860_16     muses] Mvses AAH09 Muses, STC_13860_16 musus muses CCor16801     where] wheare AAH09 L36529_04     rede] read L36529_04 reade STC_13860_16 do rede CCor16801     rede and] read in AAH09     and] & LEge24     Ryme] rime, L36529_04 ryme LEge24 ryme, STC_13860_16 Rime CCor16801 
99      where] Wheare AAH09 wher L36529_04 Where LEge24 STC_13860_16 Wher CCor16801     if] yf L36529_04     thou] thow AAH09 CCor16801     list] lust CCor16801     my poyznz for] myne owne Iohn Poyns STC_13860_16     poyznz] I. P. AAH09 L36529_04 poynz LEge24 Poynts CCor16801     come] cume L36529_04 com LEge24 come: STC_13860_16 
100      Thou] thow AAH09 L36529_04 CCor16801     shalte] shalt AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     Iudge] iudge AAH09 L36529_04 iudge, STC_13860_16 Judge CCor16801     I howe] how AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24 STC_13860_16 CCor16801     do] do L36529_04     do spende] Dispende CCor16801     spende] spend AAH09 L36529_04 LEge24     tyme] tyme./ AAH09 time. L36529_04 STC_13860_16