The Devonshire Manuscript/My harte I gave the not to do it paine

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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O cruell causer of vndeserrved chaynge My pen take payn a lytyll space
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 3r

f. [3r]

1   s1 My harte I gave the not to do it paine
2    But to preserve was yt was to the taken
3    I served the not to be forsaken
4    but that I should be rewardyd againe
5    I was content they slave to remain
6    but not to be paid vnder suche fassyon
7    nowe sins in the ys no maner of reason
8    do displease the not [] tho I do reffreyn
9    vnsacyate off my wo and my desyer
10    ffarwell I say partyng ffrom the ffyre
11    ffor he that beleves leryng learning  in hand
12    ploues in the water and sows in the sand

Notes & Glosses

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     1. This s resembles the flourished s in H1.


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Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt,[1] this poem was entered by H1 and appears again as "My herte I gave the not to do yt paine" on 75v of the manuscript, entered by H8. The poem also appears in Tottel's Miscellany, entitled "The louer forsaketh his vnkinde loue." Influenced by the Charitean Petrarchans in many of his works, Wyatt based this particular poem on a translation of Serafino Aquilano 's “El cor ti diedi che el tormentassi.”[2] In the poem, the speaker renounces his love and blames the lover for abusing his affection.

H1's version omits line 10.

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Textual Notes

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Texts Collated

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STC 13860-62, LDev145, LEge20, OxRawlPoet108_01, AAH06, STC13860_12, L4797


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1      My] MY STC13860_12     harte] herte LDev145 hart AAH06 STC13860_12 L4797 hert LEge20     My harte I gave the not to do it paine]  OxRawlPoet108_01     gave] gaue AAH06STC13860_12     the] thee L4797 thee, STC13860_12     do] doe L4797     it] yt LDev145     paine] payne AAH06 payn LEge20 pain: STC13860_12 
2      But] but LDev145 AAH06 LEge20 L4797 But, STC13860_12     But to preserve was yt was to the taken]  OxRawlPoet108_01     preserve] preserve / LDev145 preserve, AAH06 preserue LEge20 preserue, STC13860_12     was yt] it AAH06 LEge20     was yt was] lo it STC13860_12     was yt was to the taken] Loe it to the was taken L4797     the] thee STC13860_12     taken] takin LDev145 was taken. STC13860_12 
3      I] My I L4797     I served the not to be forsaken]  OxRawlPoet108_01     served] seruid LDev145 servid AAH06 serued LEge20 STC13860_12     the] thee STC13860_12     to] that I should STC13860_12 that I sholde  L4797     forsaken] forsakin LDev145 forsaken: STC13860_12 foresakene L4797 
4      but] But, STC13860_12     but that I should be rewardyd againe]  OxRawlPoet108_01     I should] I shulde LDev145 AAH06 [sd]I soue[/sd] I sould L4797     be] receiue STC13860_12 receve L4797     rewardyd] rewardid LDev145 AAH06 rewarded LEge20 reward STC13860_12 L4797     againe] agayne AAH06 again LEge20 again, STC13860_12 
5      I was content they slave to remain]  OxRawlPoet108_01     content] contente LDev145     they] thy LDev145 LEge20 STC13860_12     they slave to remain] thie servant to remayne AAH06 thy servante to remayne L4797     slave] seruante LDev145 serunt LEge20 seruant STC13860_12     remain] remaine LDev145 remayn LEge20 remain: STC13860_12 
6      but] And, STC13860_12 and L4797     but not to be paid vnder suche fassyon]  OxRawlPoet108_01     paid] paide LDev145 payed AAH06 LEge20 repayed L4797     paid vnder suche fassyon] repayd after this fashion. STC13860_12     vnder] vndre LDev145 not L4797     suche] this AAH06 LEge20 L4797     fassyon] fasshion LDev145 AAH06 LEge20 fashion L4797 
7      nowe] now LDev145 no AAH06     nowe sins] Now, since STC13860_12 now since sinc L4797     nowe sins in the ys no maner of reason]  OxRawlPoet108_01     sins] sens AAH06 syns LEge20     in] that in LDev145     the] thee STC13860_12 L4797     ys no maner of reason] is none other Raison LDev145 is there none nother reason: STC13860_12     ys no maner of] is none other AAH06 is none othee LEge20 it none other L4797 
8      do]  LDev145 AAH06 LEge20 STC13860_12 L4797     do displease the not tho I do reffreyn]  OxRawlPoet108_01     displease] Displease LDev145 STC13860_12 Displayse AAH06     the] thee STC13860_12 L4797     not] not, STC13860_12      tho] if that LDev145 AAH06 LEge20 STC13860_12 L4797     do] doe L4797     reffreyn] restraine LDev145 refrayne AAH06 L4797 refrain LEge20 refrain. STC13860_12 
9      vnsacyate] Vnsaciate AAH06 vnsaciat LEge20     vnsacyate off my wo and my desyer] vnsatiat of my woo . and thy desire LDev145  OxRawlPoet108_01     vnsacyate off] Vnsaciat of STC13860_12 unsatiatat of L4797     off] of AAH06 LEge20     wo] woe AAH06 woo LEge20 wo, STC13860_12     my] thie AAH06 thy STC13860_12 thy L4797     my desyer] thy desire LEge20     desyer] desyre AAH06 desyre. STC13860_12  L4797 
9.1      ] assurid bye crafte . texcuse thye faute LDev145 Assured by crafte to excuse thiefault AAH06 assured be craft to excuse thy fault LEge20 Assured by craft for to excuse thy fault. STC13860_12 Assured by craft for toexcuse thy faut L4797 
9.2      ] but syns it please the to faine a default AAH06 but syns it please thy to fain a default LEge20 But , since it pleaseth thee to fain defaut: STC13860_12 but since it pleseth to find faut L4797 
10      ffarwell] ffarewell AAH06 farewell LEge20 L4797 Farewell, STC13860_12     ffarwell I say partyng ffrom the ffyre]  OxRawlPoet108_01     say] saie LDev145 saye AAH06 L4797 say, STC13860_12     partyng] parting LDev145 AAH06 LEge20 departing STC13860_12 L4797     ffrom] from LDev145 AAH06 LEge20 STC13860_12 L4797     the] this AAH06     the ffyre]  fre L4797     ffyre] fire LDev145 fyre AAH06 fyer LEge20 fire. STC13860_12 
11      ffor] for LDev145 LEge20     ffor he that beleves lerynglernyng] For, he, that doth beleue bearyng STC13860_12 he that belevethe bearinge OxRawlPoet108_01 for he that doththat L4797     beleves] beleveth LEge20     beleves lerynglernyng] beleuith bering LDev145 belevith bearing AAH06     lerynglernyng] bering LEge20     hand] hande LDev145 hand: STC13860_12 
12 ploues] plowithe LDev145 Plowithe AAH06 Ploweth STC13860_12 Sowethe OxRawlPoet108_01     ploues in the water and]  LEge20 ploweth in the  L4797     the water] water LDev145 AAH06 the water: STC13860_12     and] & OxRawlPoet108_01     sows] sowith LDev145 AAH06 weth LEge20 soweth STC13860_12 plowethe OxRawlPoet108_01     sows in the sand] so L4797     the sand] sande / LDev145 sand AAH06 the sand. STC13860_12 the sande. OxRawlPoet108_01