The Devonshire Manuscript/Go burnynge siths vnto the frosen hert

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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Myn vnhappy chaunce / to home shall I playn ffanecy fframed my hart ffurst
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 61v
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 61r

f. [61r] 
f. [61v] 

1    Go burnynge siths vnto the frosen hert
2    go brek the Ise with{w+t+} piteus paynfull dart
3    myght newir perse / and yf mortall praier
4    in hewyn may be hard / at lest I desire
5    that deth or mercy / be end of my smart
6    Take with{w+t+} you pain wherof I haue my part
7    and eke the flame / from whiche I cannot start
8    and leve me then in rest / I you require
9    go burnynge siths
10    I must go worke I se / by crafft and art
11    for trouth and faith in her is layd a par{p1}te
12    alas I cannot therfor assaile her
13    with{w+t+} pitefull playnt and skaldyng fyer
14    that owte of my brest / doth straynably start
15    go burnynge siths



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Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt,[1] this poem was entered by H7. The speaker in the poem asks that his sighs break his lover’s icy heart. Although Wyatt's poem is partially a translation of Petrarch's Rime 153, Rebholz notes that Wyatt only translates the first quatrain almost verbatim and departs from Petrarch's sonnet structure by transforming the poem's form into a rondeau. Alternatively, Wyatt may have imitated an unknown French rondeau that was based on Petrarch's Rime 153.[2] The poem also appears in Tottel's Miscellany under the title “The louer sendeth sighes to mone his sute.”[3] Unlike the rondeau found in the Devonshire Manuscript, the version in Tottel's Miscellany changes the poem to a sonnet structure by expanding the refrain and omitting the last refrain.[4]

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Texts Collated

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LEge11, STC13860_08


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1 Go] Goo LEge11 GO STC_13860_08 burnynge] burnyng LEge11 burning STC_13860_08 siths] sighes LEge11 STC_13860_08 vnto] Vnto LEge11 hert] hart, STC_13860_08
2 go] goo LEge11 Go STC_13860_08 brek] breke LEge11 breake STC_13860_08 Ise] yse STC_13860_08 with] withwhiche LEge11 which STC_13860_08 piteus] pites LEge11 pities STC_13860_08 paynfull] painfull STC_13860_08 dart] dert LEge11 dart, STC_13860_08
3 myght] Myght STC_13860_08 newir] never LEge11 neuer STC_13860_08 perse /] perse LEge11 perce STC_13860_08 yf] if LEge11 mortall] that mortall STC_13860_08 praier] prayer LEge11 prayer, STC_13860_08
4 in hewyn may] In heauen STC_13860_08 hewyn] hevyn LEge11 hard /] herd LEge11 herd, STC_13860_08 I] yet I STC_13860_08 desire] desir LEge11 desire. STC_13860_08
5 that] That STC_13860_08 deth] death STC_13860_08 mercy /] mercy LEge11 STC_13860_08 be end of] be ende of LEge11 end STC_13860_08 smart] smert LEge11 wofull smart. STC_13860_08
6 you] the LEge11 thee STC_13860_08 pain] payn LEge11 payn, STC_13860_08 haue] have LEge11 part] part, STC_13860_08
7 and] And STC_13860_08 flame /] flame LEge11 STC_13860_08 whiche] which LEge11 STC_13860_08 start] stert LEge11 start, STC_13860_08
8 and leve] And leaue STC_13860_08 rest /] rest LEge11 rest, STC_13860_08 now] you LEge11 STC_13860_08 require] require: STC_13860_08
9 go] Goo LEge11 Go STC_13860_08 burnynge] burning LEge11 STC_13860_08 siths] sighes LEge11 sighes fulfil that I desire. STC_13860_08
10 go] goo LEge11 se /] se LEge11 see STC_13860_08 crafft] craft LEge11 STC_13860_08 and] & LEge11 art] art, STC_13860_08
11 for] For STC_13860_08 trouth] trueth LEge11 truth STC_13860_08 and] & LEge11 layd] laide LEge11 laid STC_13860_08 a parte] apart LEge11 apart: STC_13860_08
12 alas] Alas LEge11 Alas, STC_13860_08 cannot] can not STC_13860_08 therfor] therefor LEge11 therfore STC_13860_08 assaile] assaill LEge11 her] her, STC_13860_08
13 with] With STC_13860_08 playnt] plaint LEge11 complaint STC_13860_08 and] & LEge11 skaldyng] scalding LEge11 STC_13860_08 fyer] fier, STC_13860_08
14 that] That STC_13860_08 owte of] oute of LEge11 from STC_13860_08 brest /] brest LEge11 brest disceiuably STC_13860_08 doth] doeth LEge11 straynably] STC_13860_08 start] stert LEge11 start. STC_13860_08
15 go burnynge siths] Goo burning sighes LEge11 STC_13860_08