The Design and Organization of Data Centers/Security Systems

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More difficult entry

Selective access

Entry evident

Traceable access


Determine who should have access to what

How many layers of access will there be

Consider using locking cabinets but not using computer locks

Consider locks on interior doors and fire cabinets.

Physical keys vs. card pass system

Key Management[edit]

Centralized key box for computer keys

Room keys may need to be given to CEO, landlord, and fire department for placement in Knox box.

Pass Card Systems[edit]

For card pass system, make sure entries are logged.

Avoid double-door magnet systems for passcard entry.

Proximity or RFID cards are harder to forge and easier to use

Security Systems[edit]

Use a combination of motion detectors and door sensors. This does several things:

  • Door sensors are good to minimize air movement alarms.
  • Reminds personnel to shut off the alarm system upon entry.
  • The door chime announces entry when there is no line of sight to the door.

Security systems are cheap compared to your other expenses. Splurge on the goodies, such as alarm pads with full English displays.

Also consider having security system monitor the power, temperature, and fire with remote callout alerts.

Visitors and Contractors[edit]

Use sign-in book for contractors and record name, company, identification number, date of entry, phone number, and purpose of visit so that problems can be traced.

I question the usefulness of having all visitors in a tour sign in.

Make sure all visitors are escorted by qualified personnel.