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Abandoned software[edit]

Abandoned software on the other hand is software that is no longer available to the public. It's software that is no longer used, provided, nor published by the producers. The users that already have it may continue using it but cannot expand their use for it. If current users attempt to spread it, it is considered illegal. After a quick search on the web, it is easy to find sites that have abandoned software for download. Better yet, there are even discussion boards posted of where to find the best sites to download what you are looking for. The most popular download of abandoned software is ancient video games such as Atari.

Pirating can also mean using C.D Keys, "via CD copies," someone else is using and spreading them over the internet. This causes problems with software/products/video games with C.D keys already in use if you play online. No one has ever taken this type of pirating to heart as of yet.

Pirating of software is taken very seriously by those who stand to lose the most such as: larger recording studios, BMG and movie producers i.e.: Disney. Downloads of music videos and software applications are becoming the norm of today's society, there are many sites called torrent sites available with the latest releases of movies and music.this has created a search for higher levels of security to prevent files from being pirated. Manufactures are inventing more encryption codes on discs to prevent them from being uploaded but they will never work.

Grassroots organizations exist such as the Pirate Party opposing copyright particularly on software. Some campaign for legal reform for various reasons including freedom of ideas. Widespread opposition also exists to software patents.