The Computer Revolution/Ruggedized Devices

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Ruggedized computer in an industrial environment

Ruggedized devices are devices that are designed to withstand much more physical abuse than conventional devices and range from semirugged to ultrarugged. These devices are usually used for consumers whose needs for protection aren’t met with just a regular protective case. For example, most police cars are equipped with portable laptops that have been ruggedized due to the nature of their jobs. Semirugged devices typically have more durable cases and are spill resistant. The ultrarugged devices are designed to withstand falls from three feet or more onto concrete, extreme temperature ranges, wet conditions, and use while being bounced around over rough terrain in a vehicle. Ultrarugged devices are usually used by construction workers and outdoor technicians whose jobs put them in unpredictable working conditions.

However, you don’t have to purchase a ruggedized device in order to amp up your portable device’s ability to withstand a toddler’s errant hand or an unlikely fall into a water receptacle.

Common sense goes a long way. Keep your devices out of dusty areas and away from water. Also, don’t leave your device where it will be subject to extreme heat or cold.

Thin layers of sheeting that will provide protection from scratches can be purchased to cover screens. If there is a device that has been made in mass, then there is most likely a customized protective case to go with it. Everything from hard cases to soft cases to protective sleeves exists in the marketplace.

Although there is no guarantee against a shattered screen or a trip through a laundry cycle, owning either a ruggedized device or accessorizing it with the latest protective wear and keeping your portable device in a safe environment will help ensure your hardware is protected.

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