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In today’s modern society Touch Screen are becoming more and more popular since fingers are not always precise enough a digital Pen was created. The Stylus is a type of digital, electronic, or tablet pen that can be used with these all types of Touch Screen Devices. It is basically a pen with a round-tip that can interact with the touch screen device. The Stylus is especially useful for devices with very small screens. The Stylus in general makes interacting, and digitally writing with touch screens much easier for the user. It is often seen used in medical offices with healthcare applications.

Although pen/styluses were ultimately created to facilitate the input process on touch screen devices such as mobile devices, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s), Ultra Mobile PC’s (UMPC’S), and slate tablets, its technology has evolved so much that it offers the user many more features. Depending on your computer software capabilities, pen/styluses can be used on your personal computer monitor and also convert anything you hand write into computer text that can ultimately be edited by the user. It can also provide the option to select certain text, and even alter the size of your content. Pen/Styluses are being used in cartoon animation, graphic design, and photography editing.

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Styluses/Pens are very popular in todays society. Being able to use them for more than cellphone related reasons, making them a must have. Most people may think that the Stylus is mainly used for cellphones, but there main focus was for the Nintendo DS. This Game console allows players to use there stylus to create/play games without a single touch of a button. Stylus are mostly made of plastic with a rubber tip on the end,so the screen is not scratched while using the stylus. Stylus are a great invention, and it will continue to spread across the world.

Morley, Deborah and Parker, Charles. Understanding Computer: Today and Tomorrow 13th Edition


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