The Computer Revolution/MIS/OIS

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Office Information Systems[edit]

Office Information Systems (OIS) are used in virtually every area of business for a variety of purposes. Microsoft Office and are OIS that are widely used in business from the small entrepreneur to the large bureaucratic organizations.

Microsoft Word[edit]

Microsoft word is a component of the Microsoft Office system; however, it is also sold as a standalone product or included in Microsoft Works Suite. Beginning with the 2003 version, the branding was revised to emphasize Word's identity as a component within the Office suite: Microsoft began calling it Microsoft Office Word instead of merely Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Office Word helps create and share their professional-looking content by combining a comprehensive set of writing tools with an easy to use interface.

The following link provides a detailed overview of Microsoft Office,

Microsoft Excel[edit]

Microsoft Excel allows the user to analyze, share and manage information to make informed decisions and can be purchased online at the following website: Regular updates are available as well as a user friendly HELP database. Following is the most current updates for editing cells found in Microsoft Excel.

A free alternative to Microsoft Excel is's Calc. OOoCalc22.png