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An intranet is a private computer network that can be accessed only by authorized persons, usually members or employees of the organizations that own it. Most common in the businness world where companies will set up an intranet for employees.

It can provide such information as: company goals and mission statements, contacts, employment oportunities and training. internal procedures, telephone contact lists, standard documents budgets, guidance rules and regulations, salaries, performance and analysis.

In many Intranets, an Instant message system is provided for employees to share information instantly without having to leave their desks. The purpose of this is to promote production by the instant sharing of ideas and information between employees in some case around the workd from each other.

Examples of Intranets are:

1. Ford Motor Company 2. Universal Studios Canada Ltd. 3. Co-operators Insurance 4. Credit Union Central of Ontario

There are many different types of Intranet software available in the market place such as Vialect, Novo Solutions, SQbox Solutions.


by kris lobsinger