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There are many benefits of streaming for organisations and anyone wishing to distribute content:

Cost Effective Distribution

Webcasting is one of the cheapest ways of distributing audiovisual content to a mass audience. All that is required is for viewers to have internet access, and to download a free streaming media player. The content can easily be hosted on servers by any webcasting company like Makeni, allowing instant global viewing.

Immediate Global Viewing

Streaming technology is continuously improving, and one of the main benefits of streaming is the ability for a video file to start playing almost immediately on the user’s computer. The user does not have to wait for the file to download before playing can start. In the past, the waiting times could be as long as 30 seconds. Today, with broadband connections, streaming can start almost the moment that the streaming file is selected by the user.

Unlimited Audience

Unlike any event venue, the global internet audience of a webcast has virtually no limits. By simply sharing the broadcast over multiple servers, Makeni can support tens of thousands of simultaneous users.