The Computer Revolution/Effect on society/Entertainment

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Looking around everywhere in public, Apple iPod’s are everywhere. They are portable media players and allow you to listen to music uploaded onto the device from your computer. There are iPod video players now, which on top of listening to music, allow you to watch the music video to that song. You can also upload movies, pictures, and shows and view them on the little screen. There are a number of different types of iPod’s in the iPod family including the Nano, Shuffle, Mini, and Photo. Some University classes even make the lecture available to view from your iPod! Even news broadcasts are offered to be viewed with it. In order to transfer the media onto the device, you need iTunes, which is a program where you organize and load up your iPod with all the stuff you want on it. You can choose whether to take songs from cd’s, buy songs from the iPod store online, or even download what you want. There are many other MP3 players being made similar to the iPod, but by far the iPod is the most popular one being marketed. You can accessorize it with different covers, connect it to your car, and connect it to a boom-box so everyone can enjoy your music. With technology moving as fast as it is today, there are sure to be many more features made available on our precious iPods.