The Computer Revolution/Cyber Villains

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Hacker- 1. A hacker is someone who creates and modifies computer software and computer hardware, including computer programming, administration, and security-related items. 2. People who gain unauthorized access to computers or networks, often just for the challenge of it.

3. Thrill-seeker hacker: hackers who illegally access computer systems for the challenge of it. 4. White-hat hacker: Professionals who break into computer systems and networks with the knowledge of their owners to expose security flaws that can then be fixed.

Crackers- Malicious hackers, who break into computers for malicious purposes. 4 types of Crackers

  1. Hacktivists: people who break into a computer system for a politically or socially motivated purpose
  2. Black-hat hacker: those who break into computer systems to steal or destroy information or to use it for illegal profit.
  3. Cyberterrorists: Politically motivated person who attacks computer systems so as to bring physical or financial harm to a lot of people or destroy a lot of information.
  4. Hacker-Victim: Someone who was targeted by hacker(s) and seeks to inflict the pain that was done to them.