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An introduction on how computers have had affects on the corporate side of business ranging from new sectors introduced into corporate business which have grown into industrial giants.

Net Teller[edit]

  • History

  • Services & Expansion

  • Success

  • Quick Facts

  • Sources



Neteller originated in 1999, the purpose of this business was to take advantage of the internet

and create a business which could provide the general public a way of transferring funds from

the customers accounts to an online merchant. The role Neteller would play in this process was

to offer a convenient way of money transfer along with the safety and security which a company

could offer.

Services & Expansion

Initially just offering services for online money transfers, Neteller soon stemmed out with a

new program called InstaCASH allowing bank account transfers and distributing Neteller cards

for customer convenience. Neteller soon realized that the services which they provided were in

demand around the world. In taking another step forward Neteller decided to expand its company’s

limits and offer their services globally. Thus expanding Neteller’s cliental and making it a top

competitor in the online transfer corporation. With the expansion of the business, Neteller soon

opened new regional offices to maintain customer security and satisfaction which are key principles

the corporation operates on. The regional offices are based in Calgary, Canada, London, England, Hong Kong, China and San

Jose, Costa with its corporate head quarters based in Douglas, Isle of Man.


Neteller has succeeded as a business platform , due to the blend of an unconventional idea and the use of technology.

Resulting in a company which has dominated its market and established a global name for itself. Well providing secure

and friendly service to millions of customers and merchants. With on going advances in technology and a constant demand

to progress quicker, Neteller will continue to strive forward with assitance of technology.

Quick Facts

As stated by Neteller " User base of more than 3 million customers","More than 3,500

online merchants accept payments through Neteller system","Over 7.3 billion in transactions

processed in 2005", " Company employs over 800 people ".


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