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Disaster Recovery / Business Continunity[edit]

Disaster Recovery / Business Continunity

From a SOHO (small office/home office) to the largest corporations, a business continuity plan is just as important as having the proper infrastructure and applications in place for a business’s customers.

Once a business starts to lose contact with it customers, the loss to a business is incomprehensible, that is why a good business continuity plan is important. Here are some of the basic inquiries that are needed in creating a recovery plan.

  • Calculate the cost of down time

Each company will have different critical areas that need additional financing for recovery.

  • Develope a Disaster Recovery plan

This is the set in stone instructions from who can declare a disaster to the business group mobilized during a test or actual disaster to perform the business continuity plan. This should include procedures where the company will restore their data from, to the infrastructure (Network/Servers), and applications needed.

  • Test the business continuity plans several times a year

This speaks for itself, testing allows the company to streamline their recovery procedures and discover missing components such as servers, network requirments or applications that need to be added into the business continuity plan. 1