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This template displays information about a word.

Parameters[edit source]

Unnamed[edit source]

language code;
the word, which will link to its Wiktionary page;
the text that will be displayed, unnecessary if it’s the same as the 2nd parameter.

Named[edit source]

nit= (no italics)
prevents the word from being italicised (any value);
nwt= (no Wiktionary)
prevents the word from linking to Wiktionary (any value);
wtl= (Wiktionary language)
the wordlinks to a non-English Wiktionary if this is set (any value);
tr= (transliteration)
a transliteration for words in a non-Latin script;
p= (pronunciation)
IPA pronunciation of the word;
g= (gloss)
a short translation of the word.

Examples[edit source]

{{Word|la|volo|volō|p=/wo.loː/|g=I want; I fly}}

volō (/wo.loː/, “I want; I fly”)


νωδός (nōdos, /nɔ͜ɔdós/, “toothless”)


quase (/ˈkwazi/, “almost”)