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This template points the reader to some other related Wikibook (of the same language version of Wikibooks).

one book[edit source]

If there is only one page you are referring to:

{{Wikibook|Using Wikibooks}}


A deep page name will be exploded. title refers to the displayed book title. It defaults to the first title part. level is a label for referenced sub-page, defaulting to “the chapter” if there is only one sub-page level, or “the section” in the case of anything below. The last part of a page name is displayed, thus

{{Wikibook|Using Wikibooks/How To Edit A Wikibook#How to Edit}}

looks like:

but you can also render it as:

{{Wikiboook|Using Wikibooks/How To Edit A Wikibook#How to Edit|title=this book|level=}}

Note that the #How to Edit is not rendered in any way, which may be relevant in print versions.

multiple books[edit source]

Multiple books are not supported. Use the template Wikibooks (plural) instead. Note, all pages are collectively referred to as the Wikibooks. There is no special treatment of sub-pages (keeping the template simple).